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Fifth Ave Presbyterian Church  Inspiring worship. Diverse fellowship. Life-changing outreach. We are continually growing as disciples of Christ. Join us.


"I love the waving of the palms enthusiastically on Palm Sunday." There is nothing like the way we do Palm Sunday at FAPC. #fapcthingsilove day 53. Read about this 100-day project at fapc.org and send us your ideas!

"I love holding the hymnal for my wife and me while we sing hymns together." #fapcthingsilove day 52.

"I love clapping for guests as they stand." Pattie almost forgot this part of the welcome this morning! Which only made the moment that much more special. #fapcthingsilove day 51.

"I love the moment in worship when the children gather under the banner before heading downstairs for Children's Church." Tell us about the moments you love at FAPC. Write us at fapc@fapc.org #fapcthingsilove day 50.

"I love stepping into the quiet serenity of the Sanctuary from a very busy Fifth Avenue." Both the Sanctuary and Kirkland Chapel are open every day, whenever you need a serenity break. #fapcthingsilove day 49.

"I love celebrating Steve's birthday!" It's a summer tradition we're celebrating this afternoon. #fapcthingsilove day 48. Follow the link in our profile to learn more about this 100-day IG project.

"I do love that the floorboards in the Sanctuary creak under your weight." Yeah, you can hear them. (But they are 142 years old, after all.) Tell us the things *you* love about FAPC. Follow the link in our bio. #fapcthingsilove day 47.

"I love Ryan Jackson." This month our music director marks five years at FAPC. In that time he's developed our successful concert series, created the FAPC Community Choir and become one of the most beloved members of the staff. Ryan's on a well-deserved vacation now ... look for him in worship next month. #fapcthingsilove day 46.

"I love saying the Affirmation of Faith." #fapcthingsilove day 45.

"I love the pipes of the organ case that look like giant crayons." Thanks @jamatoung for sharing one of the many things you love about FAPC! Tell us what *you* love at fapc@fapc.org. #fapcthingsilove day 44.

"I love getting hugs from the pastors." #fapcthingsilove day 43

"I love the blend of high church tradition and relevant messages." #fapcthingsilove day 42. What are the particular things *you* love about FAPC? Write us at fapc@fapc.org, and we'll share them here.

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