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— MAGGIE 🥥  faces of love。

i’m tired of these edits now but i have like 16 left to post uh sigh

QUESTION: uHhHh favorite dessert?
ANSWER: cheesecake
SONG: jam jam / iu

i spent the weekend playing superstar bts and cutting out pictures of chromosomes for my biology project🤑🤧

QUESTION: favorite solo artists?
ANSWER: iu, dean, dpr live, and suran
SONG: black out - iu

so today my friend goes “i think i’m more obsessed with bts than you” and i’m like “ok??” and she’s like “yea bc you like exo and other groups too” and i’m like bitch tf leave my boys aloNE but it’s ok in this house we smile through the pain of having dumb friends :)))

swipe for funny shit.

QUESTION: how many products go into your skincare routine?
SONG: bonnie & clyde / dean

i’m at school right now.

QUESTION: do you prefer beaches or mountains?
ANSWER: i’ve had wonderful experiences at both but probably beaches
SONG: my my my - troye sivan

my skin is drying, my friendships are dying, my will to live is expiring, but it’s okay

QUESTION: do you have any pets?
ANSWER: i have a hamster
SONG: feel good - shinee

right so i think my hamster is crazy. i just got him yesterday and he’s always climbing the cage walls and he never uses his wheel and he’s always sleeping in the tube thing and i just—????? my other hamsters weren’t like this???? his name is hagrid and he’s a cutie

QUESTION: what time is it for you?
ANSWER: 21:36
SONG: instagram / dean

school is tomorrow and i can already see my life falling apart 💨💨

jan 7。
q: are you reading bts outcast? if so, what are your theories,

jan 4。
a rant kinda:
what’s wrong with me why do i feel sad and empty all the time why are my eyes watery 25/7 why do i sleep at 4am every day why can’t i eat properly why are my muscles so sore from running only like 2 miles a day and why have i literally dropped my skin care routine.!,!,!,!,! i legit need school to start again and bring back the color in my cheeks and the smile on my face,,,,, this is a whole mess

— january 3
HI sorry i’ve been gone without any notice! i missed a lot of important events (merry christmas, happy late birthday taehyung, happy NEW YEAR!!!) one of my goals this year is to stop being lazy in general

what is a goal you have for yourself?

(also it’s a new year so i decided to do a new tag list & just comment ‘🥝’ or ‘emoji’ to be on it:) )

— dec, 24
🎶sotd: sunset glow - bigbang
happy holidays!!! i’m currently in mexico🌞
q: favorite season?
a: winter
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