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—방탄  🥂 — YOU, CLOUDS, RAIN


— dec, 13
🎶SOTD: jamjam - iu
ok i’m so excited for next week to be over bc then i’m gonna go on winter vacation and reunite with one of my best friends!
QOTD: places you want to travel to?
AOTD: new york to meet my internet friend, or seoul, japan, australia, seattle, & florida
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— dec, 12
🎶SOTD: jasmine - dpr live
currently cramming for my biology test hOw fun! it feels like high school is just a struggle to study for endless tests and every week there’s like 3 at least
QOTD: least favorite subject? / favorite subject?
AOTD: biology / math
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— dec, 11
🎶sotd: sleepless rainy night - iu

taehyung reminds me of summer nights, gOLDEN HOUR, laughing until your stomach hurts, puppies, the noise that dolphins make, the smell of fresh rain, the slightly pleasant burn you feel in your legs after biking for an hour, pointless adventures, the smile on someone’s face after you compliment them, the song young forever, the satisfaction of learning something new, the sweet taste of honey, live jazz performances, big cities, local bookstores, fairy lights, old polaroid cameras, the cool breeze you feel at night, stargazing, a field of flowers, the salty ocean breeze, clouds, road trips, teddy bears, palm trees, and sweet dreams.

q: should i do qotd lol
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—dec, 10
so this is how my posts are gonna look!! q: comment ‘🍚’ if you want to be on my tag list lol




i’m starting a theme after this!! possibly edits😉😉

dec 8-
i’m stressed but taehyung is so gorgeous

dec 6—
taehyung is a cutie (๑>◡<๑)

dec 5—
where do you want to travel to most in the world?🥂

dec 5.
this jungkook photo was too stunning for me not to post yallllll he’s really glowing w that ethereal beauty

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