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⬆fann ai lian范爱莲♐🙆 Singapore  💗family gourmand🍴 extravert☺🙃 . A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing🎭💸 A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything 👪🏘✈⌚🚘

Why do i always look like a giant even when seated?! 😅

Anyhoo..makan with these chatty jokers really make me feel 21 all over again 😂😊

Galaxy S8+ soft launch 😃😍
Hope its as gd as it looks.. #S8plus #S8 #samsungs8plus #SamsungGalaxyS8plus

You are what you eat.. so don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake.. I went up the fast lane for fattening fast food though 😟

Wanted to know how their buttermilk fried chicken burger fared. It was good. Really.

Im a window display.. 😶😊

Doesn't look like much but its not cheap..
In fact, its very filling and satisfying in terms of taste 😚

Sleepy, its time for afternoon tea 😩😪 ☕🍵

肉骨茶 was shiok maxxx 😊

Loaded on carbs and veggies today 😬

It was here.
Coco Cafe Singapore.

Featuring their make up range in this pop up shop/ cafe concept..
Manicures, hand massage, consultation on make up looks.. booth..stickers..
Free pastries upon purchase..
What's there not to like?

It's a woman's playground with successful marketing for their branding of make up though i do not use this brand. Funny thing is, i do not understand the demographics they really want to cast their net out to.. .
Chanel Beauty Bubble Tea for me and a Hot Mocca for her.
Mine was pretty refreshing, consists of coconut water, lychee popping pearls, butterfly pea flower, lemon and lime flavours all in.

Enjoy the photo splash~~ 🤗

#cococafe #cococafesingapore

Hello..Say good morning to your body and eat breakfast! 😋
Don't miss this important meal!

Last week, we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday.. 💐💐💐 It was a great vibe and a pleasant celebration, and to see my cousins and uncles and aunts again over dinner. 🙆💖
Received red packets from the birthday girl! 💲💲💲😄
Self-packed goodies as door gifts frm my aunt + cousin.. 🍫🍬🍪
Our self-made bouquet to porpor.. 💐
A couple of selfies with my cousins..🤳
A wonderful teochew style dinner..
And kueh salat as the birthday cake! 🎂😊
It was so fresh and yummers. Couldn't help but to go for a 2nd slice.. 😆

Enjoy the multiple photo post my friends!
Nope i didnt post the entire family photo, just the group of cousins and nieces + nephew..
Hit like if you enjoyed viewing.. thanks!

TGIT! comfort food to wrap up the mad hectic week.
Fish maw soup with pork ribs, fishballs, dried scallops, veggies and kway teow aka flat rice noodles.. 😋😚

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