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fannal fannal

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⬆fann ai lian范爱莲♐🙆 Singapore  💗family gourmand🍴 extravert☺🙃 . A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing🎭💸 A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything 👪🏘✈⌚🚘


Been feeling cold a whole lot this mth, especially with today's rain.

Getting warmed up with this popular seafood soup dish 😊🍜

Had a blast on behalf of all friends partying like mad in the Netherlands for Luminosity 2017.. 🙋🙆 My soul has been immensely satisfied in another way..
Pure bliss last Sunday with a tiny bit of Mambo Jambo..then for a much needed dose of trance 🖐😊🖑
Transfix pres. First State, and awesome to hear you do the opening set @frederickyao!! Great to see u again after so long!! 👆🖐🖑👆🖑💃💃💃.

😆 my glorious plate of pork chop fried rice 😘

Having chicken rice for dinner, but craving for a particular lemon chicken dish in Melaka 😟

If you wanna find out who's a true friend, screw up or go through a challenging time.. .
Then see who sticks around. 🤷🙋 .
Thank you, my friend. 😝😆 .

#ultimatecroissant #breakfast #brunch #mesclunsalad #scrambledeggs #butterycroissant #croissant

Its hard to say no to their Ultimate Croissant everytime I'm here.
Never sick of this item on menu over the years. 😋

They've a perfect crispy and buttery (damn fattening lah 😅🤣) croissant with scrambled eggs and streaky bacon 😆
What a way to start my day, shiok! 🤓

#ultimatecroissant #breakfast #brunch #mesclunsalad #scrambledeggs #butterycroissant #croissant

Mother cooked! 😃
To find out what i had for breakfast, check out my IG stories 🤗

Slightly jealous of my brother's fish porridge 😬 😄
But that's okay, i can have that another day. My curry cannot wait. 😆

#fishporridge #鱼粥 #pineapple #pulotinti #kueh #nonyakueh

Friday's clean eat of homemade chicken stew🤗

TGIF and a wonderful long weekend ahead to all! 😄😊

In dire need for a hot chocolate and enjoy this morning's rain.. 😏

Who can deny chilli crab?! 😆

Jumbo seafood does it best.
Eating it often enough for 2017 and i wont say no 😝

Feasted on cute yummies this evening..
Scallops in yam paste fritters 😚👌
In the background..its a forever favourite of cereal prawns 😍😍😍

After all that fire fighting..
My current feeling: Ravenous 😬

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