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⬆fann ai lian范爱莲♐🙆 Singapore  💗family gourmand🍴 extravert☺🙃 . A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing🎭💸 A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything 👪🏘✈⌚🚘

Comfort food for my basic needs😚👌
Thats my essential time of day: meal time. 😆

Clean Monday. Clean!🍴 #chickenstew
#eatclean #cleaneating

😃 A favourite since 2002 🤗
So sedap, so shiok! 😋

If you've no idea what this is, I'd say you're pretty much missing out on indonesian bbq chicken with lots of kecap manissss 😆

YTF hor fun lunch was yummers😃😚👌

Quenching thirst, the local way. 😋😊

It was a tourist kinda day & night for me.. 🤓


Expensive eats that somewhat felt mediocre 😓
Ok EXCEPT for the tuna belly.
#otorosashimi #salmonsashimi #大卜口

Good evening everyone! 🍴🍳🥗🤗 Gone western tonight..

Wow. Its been 8mths since i last had bubble tea.
I'll never forget how the Taiwanese gift it to me almost on a daily basis as its so cheap, comforting..(and fattening) 😆

Passionfruit Green Tea @ 0% Sugar + Aloe Vera bites.. ok srsly, i miss their AiYu jelly.

Local eats by request of Dad and Mom.. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Fish head curry.. Satay..Claypot frog legs.. Claypot bitter gourd pork ribs.. So so so yummehhhhh😙

My fellow Singaporeans (including i!) herd for a twist to a local favourite..
It was all good.. The burger is impressive as a fast food item, the crispy chicken itself is 💕

But my personal pick is Chendol McFlurry 👍😏.
Coconut Pie/ Bandung McFizz would be a tie.. 😆

#nasilemak #nasilemakburger #shiok #chendol #chendolmcflurry #coconutpie #mcfizz #bandung #bandungmcfizz #fried #mcdonaldsingapore #mcdonaldssingapore

My beautiful mess this morning..
Charcoal Multigrain Roasted chicken sandwich with chopped red + green peppers, lettuce and pomelo.. #homecooked #homemade #roastchickensandwich #breakfast

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