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FANM MON | Fashion & Design  Bold and feminine womenswear inspired by nature. Thoughtfully embroidered, meticulously crafted and carefully customized in our in-house atelier

Slow internet got us waiting like...
Ohhh the joy, of being on an island in Turkey!!! πŸ™‰
Maybe that's an indication, we should take this Sunday off, πŸ€”
Emails CAN WAIT till tomorrow πŸ˜‚

In an interview, our creative director talks, about how the brand started, her vision, and leaving Etsy. " I receive numerous DM and emails daily, from people asking me about @fanmmon success. Humble beginnings!!! So many people get caught up with where a person/brand is presently, without looking at where they have been.
Fanm Mon is not an over night success, I am invested in the wellness of the brand, and manage a team of equally invested individuals"

There is a level of emotion that consumes us in the atelier, at the finishing of every collection.
TURPICAL, is so far one of the most emotional collections to finish. In time we shall explain why. 😘

Waking up to the news of #Barcelona & #SierraLeone is heart breaking!!!

A special thank you to our team... There are more pictures of our Creative Director hugging each of you, than group pictures. joined our team in Turkey nearly two years ago. She has been the face of @fanmmon!
She could not escape the hug, from the very first day meeting on set πŸ˜‚

An atelier that is fully run and operated by women, who admire, support and respect each other!
We love to love one another, the peaceful and supportive environment we have created reflects on our product. We are a happy bunch, and that energy carries in every piece!

NYC, Kiev, Istanbul thank you to each and everyone of you for your determination to elevate the brand.

The count down has officially begin, and we could not have done this without each and everyone of you.

Thank you team!
Thank you ❀

Fall is at FANM MON!
Our selection of embroidery jackets are to die for... This lush velvet cropped kimono screams luxury!!! 😍 .
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Even the rock knows a good thing when it sees it. Hold on tight rock, we would not let it go either. πŸ˜‚
Fall Is At Fanm Mon 😘 .
#fanmmon #fallseason #fallwedding #bohemianstyle #bohochic #newdesigner #nycfw #slowfashion #seenowbuynow #newseason #followthebuyer #fallisatfanmmon #embroideredjacket #newcollection #editorspick #shoponline #handmade #couture #fallseason #femininedesign #uniquedesign #chicstyle #firsttoknow #dreckets

So many plans over the last year, and few months have lead us to this week.

SS18 collection is ready
Buyers, email heading your way this week!

New website format launch this week.
Shoppers, a new on line shopping experience awaits you!

May the path of @fanmmon consist of wild blooms, always.
Fanm Mon Team

I have literally been in the woods camping with our boys, only to return to such horrible news.
I do not have a personal page...
I do not on purpose!
The issues that must be heard/read loud and clear, must be shared with you all, in all honesty!
I dare not separate such important issues and keep a separate voice for what I believe from what I am passionate about.
I will never silence love for hate!!!
What happened last night was wrong/shameful. If you have been a fan of our brand, you'd know, we are never silent for injustice and acts of terror. #callitwhatitis

It's the woman!
It's always the woman!
Our designs will always be about (You) -The woman!!! The versatility of our clothes, is one aspect of our brand, most cherished by our customers
@fmls94 taking bohochic to another level!

Our beautiful skirt, can be styled in two ways, making it a must have for a style maven!


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