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Tiffany Echon  happy cuz i choose to be loved moment is when i look in the mirror and doesn't hate my reflection need no one to make me feel those emotions

I am supposed to feature #IanSomerhalder himself but I found out that he is already married in real life...πŸ˜§πŸ’” So I am just gonna focus on his alter ego #DamonSalvatore instead πŸ‘Ώ

I've been binge watching #TheVampireDiaries for weeks now
I am currently on season 4
(Yes,yes...I know that it took me a while to appreciate this one good vampire series...for I was too occupied on KDramas before)

Thank God my Ate Ann convinced me (so hard) to give this show a try and now I am hooked AF
I have never thought I would ever enjoy watching an American series...
Every episode is full of feels,comedy punchlines,exciting tension,enough action and cringey romance
Just like a KDRAMA πŸ˜†πŸ˜
Though spazzing for this show came a little overdue,
I can't help it cause I am crushing big time on one of the major leads,the eldest on the Salvatore brothers, Damon... I barely got over on the Vampire fever when I discovered this and realized that Vampires never go out of style
Just like a plague they are now back on my system! And much worse than ever

TVD is very different from Twilight (my first love when it comes to Vampire universe)
It's darker and more complicated..
But funnier and more romantic at the same time

Though the Vampires of TVD killed my ideal vampire romance that Edward Cullen induced on me
After all that pain,conflicts and complications all the lovers went through on this show...
I no longer wish to date a vampire,
But falling for one is a different story... Damon is a monster in nature,he directly feeds on human warm veins and he kills innocent people anytime,anywhere
He acts rashly when he gets pissed and conveniently go on killing spree...and won't be sorry at all
(Unlike my first vampire love Edward the role model and well-behaved vampire)

Yet his love is unparalleled
It transcends through time and transition
His way of affection may seems rough but it prevails
And who doesn't want some tough love ey?
So how can I not fall?

And when you love someone,
That makes you accept even the darkest side of them..
You'll embrace it and later on,
you'll love it
Please excuse me if I'll say that he looks so hot with fangs and dripping blood on his mouth 😍


Mammeh loves you my little doggie dog dog pattotie Bueno 😍❀🐢


I am someone who admires and totally crazy over Korean Dramas,
Yet I am also someone who is wanting change and innovation for their own local teleseryes...
Thus I can't help but to see hope and have some expectations for the first ever #KoPinoDrama

@gmanetwork @gmadrama have been trying their best through the years to offer their viewers groundbreaking and exceptional dramas
Rather than keep on feeding the viewers of the same content with the excuse of "yan kasi ang patok" or "yan ang nakasanayan" or "papanoorin pa rin naman" clichΓ©s
The network and their competent drama and entertainment teams are striving on giving their viewers an all-original and new concepts.

Though sadly not all of their attempts are successful this haven't stop them to pursue creativity and attempt to change our usual viewing experience.

GMA is also doing their best to converse,inspire and touch the hearts and lives of everyone in the community
The network aspires to give tribute to different people from all walks of life.

And this time GMA gives treat to every #fangirl especially of anything Korean

And as a self-confessed #koreanfangirl myself,
I invite you all to please watch the new primetime offering of GMA

My Korean Jagiya premieres tonight after Mulawin VS Ravena

Only on GMA,where you belong hahaha!


Finally, I've got the right moment and the perfect reason to feature you here on my insta... λ―Έμ•ˆν•˜λ‹€ μ–΄λΉ ,
I just found out late about your enlistment today... I wish two years would past as fast as the bullet you've shot right through my heart
I will gonna miss you so bad... Take care of yourself,
Stay healthy...
And I am proud of you soldier 😭😭 #iwillwaitforyou
Until the day you'll make my heart skip a beat again with all of your action stunts

Editing photos could be tiring
So I tend to post less and less
But thanks to my beshiey @little_msfickle for kindly editing this one for me... πŸ˜™

Late post
(August 07 2017)

When she's old enough for a cafe hang out

#HappyBirthday #myniece #MariaAngela πŸŽ‚

I can't believe that you are already on the start of your tween years...
When I can still remember so clearly your first week on this world... Once you've asked me bakit di pa ako nag-asawa, or kung ayaw ko bang magka-anak?

My answer is (seryoso na 'to)
Gusto ko oo,
Pero di ako naghahanap,
A life with you,
Kasama kayong lahat...I think is enough to be called a life that is fulfilled in all aspects, lalo na sa love...
I love you so much that I can no longer imagine myself without you and your siblings,
Kaya para sa akin...sa puso ko
May mga anak na ako... I am receiving enough love para makuntento na ako sa buhay na to... 10 years have passed...
How I wish that we could stay like this forever...
All happy days,
With just bondings and kulitan,
Doing more #firsttime together

And eating and chatting and laughing so hard with each other as if we will never grow old and this moment will never end

But as they say,
Nothing else is constant in this world but change... And when the time comes for that change,
And all the color and sweetness melts away just like that fluffy #cottoncandy ...
Do remember that my heart and love for you will always remain my dear... Love lots, Momo

#HappyBirthday To #mymostfavoritepersonintheworld

Photo edit as requested πŸ˜‚

It's not that I have nothing to say but I think cheesy words are no longer necessary...
We're both the type of person that lives for the moment
We all say what we must and what we should
And for those unspoken words we are smart and sensible enough to figure it out on our own... But since you're getting older...
You might forget...
The words that only matters most
"I love you Mama with all of my heart."
Thank you that you have been born on this day 65 years ago...
To live in this world and become my precious mother...
Thank you for all the hard work,sacrifices,problems and all in between that you suffered as my mother...
I am grateful for all of that as much as for all the love and happy memories you have shared and given and will continue to do so... I may not be the kind of daughter you deserve...
But I am glad that I am.. Please stay as my mother for the longest time...
Nah! This bond will never going to end not in this lifetime nor the after... For the person that I most look up to...
Stay young and gold
Be healthy and happy always... Lovelots,
Your daughter... 😚

#mother #Mama

#ChrisPine as #SteveTrevor
Of the movie #wonderwoman2017
A captain from the United States Army Air Service who is Diana's love interest.

I thought that I only fell for Chris on the 2009 reboot of the movie Star Trek when he played the charming and funny James T. Kirk.
I realized late that I've already watched and fell in love with him several times on different characters...
First as Nicholas Devereaux of Princess Diaries 2 The Royal Engagement and as Jake Hardin on Just my Luck
But I was never really interested on any Hollywood actor that time so I did not bother knowing him.

Chris Pine entered my very few and short list of Western Actor crushes after Star Trek...
Though he was never been on the top of my list,
I had a sudden change of heart because of Steve Trevor... Wonder Woman is an amazing movie as a whole...the whole world knows
But I never thought that the romance between Diana and Steve is what would leave a big impact into my heart.

Not that I really did expected a cheesy happy ever after ending between them
But their bittersweet love story was so great even for my hopeless romantic heart to take... Thanks to Chris Pine's impressive and convincing acting of a heroic man in love... Hollywood romantic scenes barely makes my heart cringe...
But this time,Steve's last line on the movie went right straight to my heart,had stopped the beat for a second and made it sank.
How could Chris deliver it so romantically painful? πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’˜ *spoiler alert*
...Steve's beliefs and the look in his eyes on his last goodbye...
The longing and sincerity on his confession...
Will surely gonna stay on my heart and memory for a long time... Thank you Chris for being a magnificent actor that could pull such a heartbreaking yet so romantic scene on a Hero movie 😚

(Late post)


One of the very few dishes that I can make (depends on my luck and condition tho) πŸ˜†πŸ˜œ #tastytuesday

#ChoiTaek of #Reply1988
Played by the cutie actor #ParkBoGum
The Genius Baduk player
Introvert and oddball
Yet the most romantic boy on the block...
No wonder Song Duk Seon fell in love with him and so do I 😍

#appleofmyeye #makesmyheartflutter

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