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brooke🌙  steferines bitch |astrum|natura|


who’s on??

“i just knew”
—ac drizzyaudios
—for bella, and @cordueva
#jtvgrprct2 #omgpage
—damn this flopped

I’m sorry I’m like this but I highkey needed to vent.
—cc maliexotic
—ac ??
Okay, seriously I’m so fucking done with everyone leaving hate. It sucks, and even though it shouldn’t matter this much to me it does, because no matter what I say or do people find a way to criticize me and I feel like I’m being suffocated. Idek why but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, I’m so tired and frustrated and it sucks sfm to be constantly berated by people. I can’t not cry, and I can’t pretend like it’s fine because none of it’s fine. So please fucking stop because it hurts

—cc maliexotic

—sorry i’m so late but i had a reallly busy past few days so i hope this is okay! —cc stelestial
—ac kute.audios i think
—for maddie @petrovaness ily

happy valentine’s day @ethrealtate / @hcnnigs idrku but i hope you had/have a good day 💓#cluelesscupid2018
—cc voidgold
—ac sirepetrova
—for @hcnnigs
—idk but hopefully you like it lol

the underrated hbic
—old edit bc i have nothing else lol
—cc ceistial
—for @xnahmalia

i know this is ugly, but i worked so hard on this so pls don’t let it flop
—ac regimechxlls (edited + added voiceovers)
—cc maryxstuart
—for gio

just trying to live up to my username
—for melisa ofc

idek what this is
—ac forlydia
—cc i forgot
—for tay and emily
#divinegrp #omgpage

oh miss pierce [#omgpage]
—ac malieth
—cc stelestial
—for fangedpierce
—the quality got butchered 💀
#divinegrp #katherinegrp #meltedchickennugget

deserved better [#omgpage]
—ac ?
—oc bravenry, duskraven, mxhttp
—i’ll probably delete this later 💀

okay guys, i wanna be active on all my mutuals’ posts so comment if we are MUTUALS (MEANING YOU FOLLOW ME AND I FOLLOW YOU) so that i can re follow you, don’t hate me lol, pls don’t comment if we’re not mutuals, i’ll check before i unf ppl and i’ll delete your comment lolll k

i’m done being the second choice [vent]
—ac eeri.e
—cc stelestial (under vhs)

a scrap i made a while back lol [#omgpage]
—for @pvtsch
—i’m posting this bc why not lol
#meltedchickennugget bc yesss

happy (belated) birthday faith ilysm 💗
—cc liarsmiracle
—for @stelestial
—it’s legit still ur bday where i live so i’m not even late ayy, but happy birthday i hope you had an amazing day bby

the one and only miss pierce
—ac onceedits
—cc maliexotic
—for marika, melisa, and pelin
—one shake by enchanting.mp4
#katherinegrp -
and also soni and dakota 💀💀💀

so idk if anyone even noticed, but i disabled for a few hours. I realized something though, it doesn’t really matter what anyone says, idgaf if someone wants to tell me what i can and can’t edit etc. bc at the end of the day it’s my decision and i’m the only person in control of myself. i won’t give people the power of getting to me over some dumb bullshit when in reality they’re some irrelevant anon. ty to the people who support me through everything, you’re the reason i stay on this account

my fave brunettes (after sami ofc) [#omgpage]
—ac starsial
—cc liarsmiracle
#illuminousrct2 🤞🏻
—for no one bc idk anyone who stans all these ppl
—i wanted to add malia but i dk about her hair color rip

lil mamma’s savage
—cc voidlinslow
—for jill, sami, dakota, tay, and any other lydia stans who put up with me :)

ugly rm of a super old edit
—cc voidgold
—for ppl who have been following me since I posted this in august
—[#omgpage #aletheiagrp #blithegrp #astrumgrp #divinegrp]

happy birthday to the one person who can always make me smile, the person whose laugh makes me the happiest, and one of the most amazing and talented people ever. There’s not much about me that’s really remained the same since I was really young, she’s one of the few things that’s constant in my world. her smile has literally saved me and I don’t think anyone or anything in this world will ever make me happier than her. I love her so much I don’t think I can describe. I know it’s obsessive to say how much i love her when i don’t know her, but it doesn’t matter because she’s an angel and i’ll always love her so much. I honestly love her so much words can’t even express.
—ac/rm incffable
—cc euinox
—for @thedaniellecampbell happy birthday

don’t fuck with the original
—ac drizzyaudios (I added the voiceover)
—cc voidgold
—for soni
—sc maliexotic

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