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Coury Combs  Having fun getting dressed in dreamy Pasadena, California. Musical theater nerd, color enthusiast, & Mom of 2 precious kiddies. coury@godandbeauty.com


Still in Valentine’s Day mode over here. Who was your first notable celebrity crush? Mine was Elijah Wood in Flipper. 💕💕💕

Dear Diary, will I ever wear a piece of outerwear with my arms inside the armholes? 🤔🔮🧥That reminds me of how I was obsessed with Anne Frank in junior high and started all my diary entries, “Dear Kitty...” (This t-shirt is so soft and such good colors, I just haven’t stopped wearing it.)

New rugs and beautiful flowers from my valentine make for a good Saturday morning! Ranunculus are my fave but how do you pronounce it? Ha. I know I’m saying it wrong. Birdie thinks the furry pink rug is her new bed of course.

My heart has been with Florida for the last few days. We have to do better for our children and teachers.

Overalls and converse kinda day. Plus, I found a house to match my sweater. 💜💜💜 Definitely not a “sneakers” type of gal but sometimes it feels fun to wear them. I usually prefer comfy flats. How bout you?

I’m wearing a pink suit on Valentine’s Day in Palm Springs so, guys and gals, dreams do come true! 😃 What did you guys do today to celebrate? I hope you got either flowers, donuts, or balloons??!🌴💐💕

Happy Valentine’s Day from my novelty donuts to yours! It’s always been a favorite holiday of mine even though I was always too embarrassed to give out valentines at school. 😩😊 This year I’ve seen a ton of messages being made about self love and self care and I think it’s amazing so to continue that I’ll encourage you to love YOURSELF because when you do that, you can really open yourself up to love others (not that I’m an expert so the message is for myself as well 😉). 💕 Wish I could share my donuts with you but my kids ate them so fast it was actually scary. 😱🔮

This morning when two hairstylists came all the way out of their shop and flagged me down to express their excitement that my cardigan matched the tree and it made me glad to be a human. 💕 I’m already thinking about which movie I’ll make Gabe watch tomorrow. One Valentine’s Day long ago I made him watch “The Notebook” and I don’t think he ever let me choose again. 🤔 If you can believe it, he’s never seen the “Pride and Prejudice” with Kiera Knightly (not that he HAS seen the other one 🤣). It seems like a travesty since his son is named Darcy but I don’t think he could sit through it. I’m leaning toward “You’ve Got Mail” because men love Tom Hanks. What’s your vote? My husband’s fate is in your hands. 🔮

Ok, who else had a mom who made you leave all the collectible Barbies in the box? 🙋🏼‍♀️😂 These days, the Barbies come everywhere with us! It’s no surprise because I must have played with mine for THOUSANDS of hours as a kid (the ones my mom let me take out of the box 🤣). Now @Barbie and @Crayola have made things extra fun by letting kids get creative on the outfits with markers and paint! Check out my stories to see Goldie take her job as Barbie’s personal fashion designer very seriously. The apple didn’t fall very far, that’s for sure. 💕😊 #barbieXcrayola #sponsored

Heading out and I would say I’m ready for Spring, but we never even had Winter..so it’s a win-win! ☀️☀️☀️I also have to say thanks to everyone who sent me a sweet dm last night and today. You are truly a fabulous group of people. ✨✨✨

My new fave jeans! The only jeans I wear (I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit me!) are this style (search farleigh) from ASOS. Just a friendly tip, they are all around $50 and the perfect high waist! Where are your favorite jeans from? 👖 👖👖

Can’t quit with the purple right now. The heart wants what it wants. 💜💜💜 🔮 I do feel like I need to add that even when my heart feels happy, sometimes my face doesn’t get the memo. 😛

Well, I actually have a real life #ValentinesFairytale. I first met up with Gabey on February 14, 2004 after exchanging a few comments on xanga (shoutout to anyone who remembers xanga!) We got frozen lemonades and awkwardly walked around The Block at Orange but right away I got the feeling that we should definitely be holding hands. It just felt right. It was all a whirlwind after that and I have never wanted to be away from him for one day since (super cheesy sorry but truth). Fast forward to 2018 and we’re cruising from LA to San Diego in a white convertable, listening to our favorite jams (mine is “don’t do me like that” Gabe’s is “an American girl”..guess we like some Tom Petty in our car..what’s your go to car jam??), and still holding hands. Thanks to @sixtusa for this sweet ride (sorry, I won’t ever say “sweet ride” again) that actually made me care about what car I have. Go check out the Video on Sixt’s Facebook page (link in my profile) for a funny look at Valentine’s Day because no matter how romantic it is, something embarrassing always happens. 🤣 #sponsored

NOW are we ready for Valentine’s Day??? Right about now I have on two mismatched sweatshirts, sweatpants, and Goldie’s socks because I couldn’t find any of mine and I’m sick. Something got me today and praise the Lord for @hunnycombs picking up allll my slack on his day off. 😷

Leaning like my fiddle leaf fig. Don’t ask me how I’ve kept it alive and even....growing. 😱

NBD, just about to get attacked by that shark. 🦈 So, a bunch of you gave me your San Diego recs and I couldn’t check them all out but here are a few things we did get to see for those of you who may be heading that way. Breakfast: @snoozeameatery (they spilt our food into two plates evenly because we were sharing a sweet and a savory...the only way to go for breakfast right? Because who can choose?? Anyway, I thought that was so nice of them...the food was delicious as well!) Coffee: @communalcoffee (Cutest shop and flowers inside! Honey lavender latte! Nice employees! 👍🏻) Hotel: @pendrysandiego (I love little touches and three of the cutest things at this hotel: 1. A welcome juice that they will spike at the bar with a secret password. 2. Free GOOD coffee in the morning and in a cute cup. 3. Macarons on your pillow at night for turndown. Little touches 💯) Touristy fun: Seaport Village (I don’t think anyone recommended this..haha...but I love tourist traps like this and we got to watch a splendid sunset to boot!) Ok, more later! But in the meantime, if you HAD to choose, sweet breakfast or savory breakfast...GO!

This is me actually being excited about Instagram again! Because of you guys I’m feeling inspired and having fun getting dressed every day and HELLO, this should all always be fun or why do it, right?? You’re a real cracker jack troop of girls (and maybe a few boys? Any? *crickets*) Anyway, I predict that 0% of people are surprised I don’t care about the Super Bowl. ⚾️🔮

I love to mix a pattern like this dress with a pastel because it suddenly becomes so much more “me”. Also, I found this darling bag in a box in the garage the other day and I figured one of you should have it because I love you so much. Just “LIKE” this pic and comment 🐻🐻🐻 to enter and I’ll pick someone to send it to on Monday! @pendryhotels @pendrysandiego EDIT: winner is @emilymasuda! Dm your info! 💕

#ad Got everything I need for a @Disney day in my @KiplingUSA Alice in Wonderland backpack. Zoom in for the cute print! Who is your favorite Disney character? Toughie, I know. #DisneyxKipling

Be honest, is the purple getting out of control?? ☺️ Check out my stories to see more of the lovely @pendrysandiego who so kindly hosted us. But I really do feel like this outfit needed just ooooonnnneee more shade of purple...thoughts? 😂

Getting some adult time in San Diego and it’s like being kissed on the cheek by 1,000 baby angels. 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ Have you been here? What’s your favorite thing to do?

When ya find the best wall in the theme park. The BBQ pit at knotts is so on trend. 💜💜💜 I didn’t have the best day as I spent most of it in the ER in terrible pain. Home and feeling better, thank God, and not taking my health for granted!! 😰 On a lighter note, how many times is too many times for this shoe/cardigan combo? 🤡

Los Angeles winter: where the only function of your coat is providing a pop of color. Mixing neutrals can be fun too! I like playing with warm and cool tones together. Also, Shoutout to that awkward neck tilt. 👋🏻🤨 Ok, back to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Raise your hand if you’re obsessed. 🤚🏻

By some miracle Goldie agreed to and liked the outfit I picked for her today (she chooses her own outfits 95% of the time now...We’re both much happier this way 😉) so I had to snap a pic. We were headed to the #ohjoyforcalpak party and it was a bllllllast. Don’t you just love it when kind people like @ohjoy are so successful?? See the fun in my stories. 💘 I, too, wish this outfit was my size and I think it’s perfectly respectable to copy a 5 year olds outfit. Planning on trying. 😂😊

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