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Duckie 🐣  24, Boston, spoonie, she/her, grad student, 💕💜💙 Sailor Venus in @moonmenagerie 🧡🌙 Nozo/Mari in @nineheartsne🔮✨ 🔜Katsu, AB

🌸 M I J U K U D R E A M E R 🌸
Woohoo! Finally the weekend! Gonna be working on Sandersons today with this lovely!
Dia: @ashanyao 🌺
Mari: @fancyduckie
Costumes: Mine is from tb; Ash made hers w help from me! 👗
📸: @krazedchaos / Magenta Fantasy 💕

I’m a model, yanno what I mean? 😘

Zakuro: @fancyduckie 🐺
📸: @vanderthegeneralist
Costumes from taobao, socks from @welovecolorscosplay & my wig is an @ardawigs Luthien in Grape! ✂️


It’s international talk like a pirate day AND New All Stars trailers dropped so what better way to celebrate than with pirate Nozomi? ☠️
Nozomi: @fancyduckie 🔮
Lenses: @honeycolor_official Dolly Green 💚
Costume: taobao👗
📷: @flashcordphoto

Naptime for dragons 🐉

Olivia: @skelotiacosplay 💃🏼
Tiki: @fancyduckie 🐲
📸: @krazed_chaos / Magenta Fantasy ✨
✂️ Wig: @ardawigs Silky Luthien in Seafoam ✨
Lenses: @honeycolor_official in Dolly Green 💚
Fangs & Ears: @scarecrowvampirefangs & @aradani_studios Large Anime Elf Ears respectively! 🧝‍♀️
Gloves: @welovecolorscosplay red shoulder gloves (modified) 🧤

I gave you everything, what's mine is yours/I want you to live your life of course/But I hope you get what you dyin' for ☠️
Missed Moonie Monday & I’m hella behind on content! Here’s a duo pic of @moonmenagerie’s punk scouts!
Jupiter: @electricat_cosplay ⚡️
Venus: @fancyduckie 🧡
📸: @flashcordphoto w assist from @a_peace_of_light

-Isabelle, probably.
AAAAAA I’m so excited my sweet girl is in Smash!!!! ⚡️
Isabelle: @fancyduckie 🐶
Wig: Vivien & hairbun in light blonde from @ardawigs ✂️
Costume by me, vest fabric from spoonflower! 👗
📸: @flashcordphoto

Totally missed Kotori’s birthday so double posting today! 🐣 I love the ice cream set so much; it’s so comfy! 🍦

Kotori: @fancyduckie 🐦
📸: @flashcordphoto
Costume & wig from taobao 👗

Oh Oswald... what have I done?! 💔
Gwendolyn: @fancyduckie 🕊
Wig: @ardawigs Venus Silky in Sterling ✂️
Lenses: @honeycolor_official Super Pinky Violet 💜
Gloves: @welovecolorscosplay Shoulder Gloves in Black 🖤
📸: @flashcordphoto

Happy birthday & #mooniemonday to Ami Mizuno!! She’s half of one of my all time OTPs & @kepripepcosplay is one of my fellow meme lords in @moonmenagerie & was kind enough to indulge me in this “huehuehue now kiss!” 🧡 pic w/ our lovely Jupes @electricat_cosplay ⚡️
❄️ Ice bae is KWEEN TODAY! 👑
📸: @flashcordphoto w/ assist from @a_peace_of_light

See, that’s where you’re mistaken... to me, a world without Haruka isn’t worth saving. 💕

Sailor Uranus: @mooniewarriorcosplay 🌬
Sailor Neptune: @fancyduckie 🌊
✂️: @ardawigs Grace in Ocean Green & Caine in Ash Blonde✨
👑: Brooches are from UniqueCosplayProps on etsy & tiaras are from @pockypants / @trident_mask on etsy! Gloves are @welovecolorscosplay shoulder gloves in white ✨
🎀: bow & skirt patterns from @cosmiccoterie; costumes by us✨

Would you like an ice cream sundae? 🍦

This set was so much fun & babby’s first Kotori cos!! We got actual ice cream at the end! 😋

Honoka: @ashanyao 🥐
Rin: @skelotiacosplay 🐱
Kotori: @fancyduckie 🐣
📸: @vanderthegeneralist
Costumes from taobao! ✨

🔘I want to delete the town...😱😱😱 God bless Anthony for doing this edit; total surprise but we’re both meme lords so 😈 Isabelle’s reactions to destroying your home & town were too priceless not to recreate for this shoot. 🌝

Isabelle: @fancyduckie 🐶
Wig: @ardawigs Viviene & hairbun in Light Blonde ✂️
📸: @flashcordphoto
Costume by me & vest fabric from spoonflower 👗

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