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فرحانة محمد  Just an Aquarius girl who loves to do outdoor! 👻

Hiking is like drug addiction, it hurts but you simply want more.

Gunung Ayam. Tapi takde jumpa sekor ayam pun atas gunung ni. Cis

What a relief ! Enough said ☺️

Dont mess with me, i shoot everyone in the field just to survive, including my teammates. 😏

This is the game where you pay to be shot. 😏

Starts with a hill, we will climb a mountain later okay munchkins? what makes the trip special is because i get to hike with these lil minions! Asyik hiking dengan org tua je. Eh? Hahaha Nanti kite hiking lagi okay 🤗 i know you kids love your Asu 😝 #MerdekaWithLove

Dirgahayu Tanah Airku 🇲🇾

I was quite flexible back then. I WAS 😂

Sejenis manusia yang tak reti duduk diam. Pantang dapat cuti. 🤗

Before badminton, did some stretching with my friend, to loosen up the muscle. Tree pose can help to improve our balance. It's also good for stretching the inner thighs, chest and shoulders. I guess we can also use this technique to warm up before The Music Run! 😉 #BurningRayaFood #tmrbyaiavitality #AIAVitalityMy #mytmrstretch

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha. Maaf Zahir Batin atas segala kekhilafan diri ini. Moga segala ibadah dan pengorbanan kita disertakan dengan rasa ikhlas dan diterima Allah swt, insyaAllah..

Nope, no hiking this weekend. I had ATV Ride with ma homies and twas really fun! Can’t get enough of the ride! Will repeat again soon? 😏

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