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Tryna stay on my deen In Sha Allah! my role model Imam Jamil AL-Amin

GA Rattlers ⚾️🐍

Tryna get paid n full 2 many ricos in da game niggas lame heard u got hit up a dozen times and didn't die u kno why?? only da strong survive 💪🏿 Pull thru my brotha 🙏🏾😡 #AllahuAkbar

U jus had a birthday cash u was pose to be chillin 😞#RestEasy

IF I love ya u kno I'm jus a 1 call away 🖤

I demand Respect ant won't tolerate nonthing less 💪🏾

This lil nigga strive hustle grind and I Know He Gone Get a Ticket the fact that He been real since day one just gotta be some shit lil bro stand on @dufamgoon yo grind gone take you along way just kno together forever means any problem u got bro I got it too💯 4 years behind da wall now lil du back (we jus got stay away from dat fake shit )OFG

On a mi$$ion

Cummings harder than Ever GARATTLERS ages 5-12 free training every Sunday and we accept kids age 4 #BRINGYAKIDS

Wen da young 1s look up to u Don't misguided em teach em wat u den kno at they age tell em bout ya fuk ups so they won't make da same mistakes teach em how to think for they self Tell em try the right way first let em kno wats Really Real in da streets and all the consequence dat cum w it Then u let em make that decision #ItsWatAOGSupposeToDo 💪🏿

Congratulations to every nigha who went threw the struggle & made it #Salute #Peace&Blessings

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