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Tracy Rock  Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.

When you get to wear your wedding dress on a nice spring day since your wedding was so casual. Hell yeah.

It’s been a wonderful impromptu weeks long anniversary staycation with @wrecknmachinex! We unplugged and just enjoyed each other for our 4th wedding anniversary. I’m sad he goes back to work tomorrow but it’ll be nice getting back on the grid. I love you, Joe! Thank you for making the last 11 years the best ones of my life! 😘❤️

When you and your husband want to play the same game but there’s no split screen option so you take a week to turn the spare bedroom into a game room, run 50’ ethernet cables through the house so the connection’s on point, and you FINALLY get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 🎮💞 Our #Zenyatta and #Mercy double healer combo can’t be beat! And our levels obviously show who’s gotten most of the screen time before we hooked ourselves up. #PS4Hog #CouplesWhoGameTogetherStayTogether #Overwatch

This guy's pretty neat.

I have the best bestie! Thank you so much, @moonmoss! Your visit meant so much and I appreciate you so much! I am so glad you're back in MD where you can just swing by and make my day! ❤️❤️❤️

What a wonderful thing to wake up to on my birthday morning! Even though we agreed no gifts, I can't be mad at him.

Classy. Date night at the Dollar Store?

Who the fuck do you think I am, Wish? I'm a weirdo but I'm not a stoned, pot growing sexual deviant! What in my nerdy ass search history implies I'd be interested in purchasing a urethral dilator? #dead #rip 😂😧😳🤢😷

PA Ren Faire was awesome! 👸🏼💖🔮🦄🐉⚔️

One day I'll stop dressing like a 13 year old boy but in the meantime, I'm representing my fandoms.

GUYS. Lizzy is seriously chillin' watching DogTV right now. 🐶❤️

The third picture is the one I wanted to share but it needed some backstory. Last week, Dusty took a tumble that landed him in the puppy ER for a few days. He was in pain and he couldn't walk too well, so I was trying to lure him onto a flat surface so we could carry him in the house without hurting him. Mom was texting me and I couldn't reply right away so this exchange occurred. All that was said so I could say.. Everyone thinks *I'm* weird because I instantly love every doggo I meet. Everyone acts like it's A BAD THING that I want to adopt every single pooch that needs a home. I wonder where I got it from. Such a pure and wholesome text. I am my mother's daughter. 🐶💞

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