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What an awesome giveaway @stickiiclub #stickii20kgiveaway

My uncle passed away on Saturday in Puerto Rico and they had his funeral this morning in his hometown of Sabana Grande, which in English translates to big blanket. I think that's a perfect translation to what Sabana Grande and its inhabitants has meant to me. It is my safe space and where I spent every summer I could. He, in particular, encouraged my family to embrace creativity and music as a way to live and heal. Descanse en paz, Tio. Thank you for being a positive influence in all our lives.

First day of 3rd grade for my oldest <3 he makes me so proud with his kindness and intelligence. I'm so happy to be able to watch him grow. #momofboys #jaceanthony #schooltime #firstdayofschool

Years later, I'm still having flashbacks and night terrors. It's not as often as it used to be but the panic is still pretty regularly especially at night. I'm not good at art...at all, but it's saving me in ways that years of therapy and medication hasn't. My boys are motivating me to work through my demons and ugliness. I hope I'm making them proud #mentalhealth #momofboys #journaling #writing

My boys enjoying the last days of summer. Jace is going to be a third grader and is turning 9 at the end of this month. Damn, I'm getting old but I don't mind at all watching my boys grow up #momofboys #familyovereverything

Whenever I need a push to keep moving forward, I watch my kids and family. I try to see the world through their eyes and remind myself it's never too late. It's my mantra on tough days and it's my hope that I can keep them as joyful as they are now as long as possible. Love in it's purest, truest form is them #mentalhealth #momofboys #titiofboysandprincess

My layout during lunch so I can try to write during free time. Got some great news today work-wise that is making me rejuvenated and on a path to success. Happy Monday #journaling #writing #momofboys #mentalhealth

Some more pages. Not special but I love my journal and how much I can express with it #journaling #mentalhealth #journal #writing

Some journal pages/story inspo I have. I like having visual things in my journal. I'm not an artist but I like to doodle so I incorporate that as well #journaling #journal #writing

Had breakfast at Keke's then off to the Central Florida Zoo as our family day <3 #momofboys #dantemichael #jaceanthony #familyovereverything

Wow... I can't believe it even though it's not surprising. He's never been silent over his struggles with depression and his lyrics show just what state his mind is in. Suicide hits me hard because most of us with mental illness have been in that mindset and have even attempted. My heart aches for his family and friends. I just wish he found another way to keep fighting. Hope he Rest In Peace. Thank you for the music #linkinpark #chesterbennington

I had a breakdown last night with the upcoming move and big changes which is always terrible for my anxiety but I'm blessed that my husband is able to understand and calmed me down. My family is my point of focus. They are the stability I need when my own mind is unstable. They remind me why I keep going, keep pushing forward, when life pushes back. I hope everyone has at least one person or thing that can provide this for them because we all need to lean on someone else sometimes. Also pics of Dante with bisabuelo #momofboys #dantemichael #familyovereverything #supportsystem #mentalhealth

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