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It's #nationalpuppyday so have some pics of my furbaby #siberianhusky #husky

When you are let go early from work and you're stressed, it's time to take yourself out for a lunch and journal date. Beautiful day in Florida #journaling #fabricdori #lunchtime

My new B6 cover from @sewwhatelseisnew fits perfectly and as usual fast shipping and wonderful service. Could not recommend her shop enough #fauxdori #travelersnotebook #fabricdori #notebookcover

I didn't feel well at all this weekend but I still tried to make it work for the kids to have fun. Jace went to martial arts on Friday then we went to Davenport on Saturday and had a nice time with family. A lot of rest on Sunday to try to feel better faster #motherofboys #dantemichael #boymom

Happy anniversary #btvs #buffythevampireslayer I'll be rewatching you soon

My little one is officially 8 months old as of yesterday and it's crazy how fast he's growing and how smart he is at his age. My heart bursts with love for him #boymom #motherofboys #dantemichael

Day out with the big boy and loving it. It's important to me to remind him he's special. We're both book lovers so it's pretty easy for us to enjoy time together #motherofboys #jaceanthony #boymom

My current B6 Stalogy notebook. Not very creative but it's proving to be a very good outlet for scattered thoughts and I'm writing more. Plus I like this multiple picture option #writing #journaling #mentalillness

This little man will be 8 months in a few days and I'm so lucky to be his mom. He's so funny and full of personality. The love I feel for him and his brother is immeasurable #motherofboys #boymom #dantemichael

Sometimes I let my thoughts and darkness cripple my ability to do even the bare minimum which is frustrating. I'm going through one of the longest bouts that I've ever had but I'm surviving even if some days it doesn't feel like I will. These boys remind me of love and to keep fighting so I don't miss a moment #mentalillness #boymom #motherofboys

These two aren't quite sure how to use baby pillow #motherofboys #siberianhusky #dantemichael #husky

So this is how the weekend ends? Oh well I got publix subs for dinner and ice cream cake so I'm good on staying indoors #crazyflweather #tornadowarning

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