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Fallon Rudisill  Mother, Fiancé, Business Owner-CrossFit VU, lover of creatures, most people, love, & life!✌🕉🤗💕oh & sell botanically based haircare to promote growth 🌱


I have had so much fun since this joining this venture in July. 🤟🏼Thank you to all of my family & friends who have tried these magical products & supported my little natural shampoo side biz.🌿 I’m very excited to share with all of you // New VIPs & Existing // that you get an >>EXTRA 25% OFF<< of your ENTIRE order til midnight! That totals 40% OFF!i
I would love to put your order in for you, just message-text-call me with your wishlist! ✨ Trying is better than Wondering ✨

I have much to be deeply grateful for. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, or the days go so quick it’s easy to get caught up in what feels like lack, but I can honestly say that each night I pause and truly feel my abundance & richness in many forms. // Pause. Breathe. Love. Repeat. // 🕉☮️🤟🏼♥️

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All I keep hearing is how great last years sale was! If you want to be the first to know what the sweet shampoo savings will be this weekend comment a 🎅 , ✨, or 🎄

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Just a glimpse into our reality. Sometimes this is how we have to catch up. 🙄😬 but seriously, life changes when you have a kid and that passionate palpable energy in the beginning minifies. Yet, love gets stronger, roots deeper, frustration grows, as does patience. It’s a winding road that shouldn’t be taken lightly, or should it? The weight of the world can feel heavy, but when you’ve ended up with solid, deeply caring partner you can turn to, it feels much lighter. We are not perfect, but we are a great balance for each other, and laughter happens more often than not. He is a fireball of intense energy most days, but also my big caring bear when I need. He never overlooks me for his own needs. He makes sure I have what I need in the moment & in life. Whether it’s a quick breakfast, hot bath, 10 min to myself, or to help support my dreams. I picture us old & grey and he will still have old man muscles he will scoop me up in. I don’t post about him a lot, but my Lex, I’m deeply grateful for your kind heart and all you do for this family and me ♥️ #FLexNforever

I had a great morning Thanksgiving shopping for my little family. I love to cook healthy delicious meals, but rarely have time these days. During my excursion the sweetest man was looking for Turkey stock for his wife. He must have been in his late 80’s as he moved slow, had only remnants of grey hair, & an all too wise look in his eye. I showed him where the Turkey bone broth was, and shared with him the difference, bc there was only chicken stock & that’s not what she requested. So we talked & joked that he may get in trouble when he gets home if he doesn’t pay the $7 for the bone broth bc it’s the only one that says turkey. This was his second marriage, 44 years they’ve been married. His first wife passed. He said, “I’ve been married so long I already know the answer when I’m asking the question,” he was so sincere and peaceful. We kept running into each other all throughout the store. I start to unload my mountain of groceries & he gets in line behind me and instantly I apologize that he is going to have to wait for me, “No young lady, I have all the time in the world, and I am sure a young woman like you is very busy.” Hello perspective, nice to meet you. We made eye contact before I left and genuinely wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving. 🍁🦃 I am busy, but I’m so glad I wasn’t too busy to engage this light of a soul, he was the highlight of my morning. And he saw ME, he knew me from past experience & life, he offered me grace and I felt his kindness and love.
There is always a chance to connect with people.
I used to allow myself to be very vulnerable - that has changed through the years - I am going to work on allowing it again.
What are you grateful for? The old man in the store? A strangers smile?
#thankful #gratitude #soul #presence

This girl loves to run! She was extremely upset that we couldn’t ice skate today at a bday party - all she wanted to do was get on the rink and play with everyone. She screamed & wailed the whole way home, so we picked up the dogs and took her to the park to play. She is a free spirit, a go getter for sure, I have a feeling that as she grows it’s going to be hard for her to understand that she’s just too young for some things in life ✨

Last day to get in on this flash sale! This is for all new & existing VIPs 😊 Only $15 for our botanical, hair growing, toxic free, bottle of love that reduce shedding & thinning - & all you do is purchase the conditioner of your choice! Your locks will feel softer & fuller than ever ✨🍃 message me with what you want and I’ll put in your order today!

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She isn’t sure if she’s happy or sad the last few days 🙄 Either way she’s dang cute ✨

Say whaaat?! ⚡️sale til Sunday! If you’ve been waiting to try this goodness 🍃✨ time is now! Or get some quality gifts for those you love.🎄

🏋🏻‍♀️Max OHS 160# - PR!- the best I’ve ever felt overhead! Then Snatch 2x5 @ 70% - my overhead stability felt better on my second set but when I get tired I default to catching power then riding it down 🙄 🚫I had zero motivation or desire to train today, but glad I did or I wouldn’t have PR’d ☀️✨🕉 14.5 Months post partum
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“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous.”

I was very skeptical about this business model, & wondered what people would think, & worried if I’d make my money back. But then I asked myself, “If a company still isn’t a house hold name, yet it’s evident it’s growing quickly, & nobody but you and your fiancé pay your bills, & you loved this product so much and want to share it with others then isn’t it’s time to join in & secure your financial future while helping those you love??” Clearly, I chose yes, it wasn’t without anxiety, but now that I can sit and look at being qualified for a free cruise 🚢 to Bermuda & sooner than later earn my white Cadillac- all while being able to continue to give to others - I ask, what’s holding you back!? ☀️✨🍃

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