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My better half, @goruck gear, a hike in Colorado, all with my @crossfit_singletrack family? A good day indeed❤️

The guacamole at TacoParty is ridiculous. So good. And the ceviche. And the empanadas. And of course the tacos. #tacoparty

This handsome lug @italianstallionrenzo turns 3 today. We♥️him SO MUCH. #burritosandstrippers #almost30

Reason #4 million and two why I love my husband: He thinks things like this are fun and should be at our house. I must agree. #inverteddivewithamig28 #topgunquotesnevergetold #wehaveasaunainourbedroom

After glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, and amazing sightseeing... the real fun begins! The first tournament has 800+ teams from over 30 countries.

Every morning. Nom nom nom!! #bulletproofcoffee #kerrygold #frenchpress #vitamix

Our dog LOVES my mom and will go to great lengths to make sure she's giving him ALL of the attention she can. ♥️🐶 #renzo #butIfeedhim😭

The beef tartare and lamb tenderloin were SO delicious!! Dang they do a good job @bin707foodbar!!

Yes. Yes you are purrrfect. 😋

My daughter definitely knows how much I love my dog. #NewFavoriteCoffeeMug #Renzo #italianmastiff #frenchmastiff


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