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Bella  🇦🇹 austrian 🤓 sport-,culture-&eventmanagement student ✈️traveller 🤸🏼‍♀️sport 📷photography 🏎f1 fan 📨 falbellala@gmx.at

I‘m gonna miss the Austrian mountains and the cows, but i also can’t wait for some adventures in South Africa 🇿🇦 😏

still feeling the festival vibe of the indie sunset 😏 love all this glitter 😂🤔 although i still find it everywhere 😂

Last week with this crazy bunch of people! Time went by so fast 😢 I gonna miss you all 😘 hands up for SKVM_VzB_16 😉

Also manchmal, wenn ich einen guten Tag habe, kann man von mir auch Fotos machen in denen ich nicht das Gesicht verziehe 😂🙄 Ist zwar selten, kommt aber vor 😉

beautiful norway 🇳🇴 😍 where waterfalls are right next to the street #visitnorway

paris at sundown 😍 le louvre is such a nice place #visitparis

Paris + scarf meand either way it was cold or i was ill..... guess what? It’s an older photo (from february 😂) and i was ill indeed. but i still like it anyway 😉

mmmhhhhh cakeday 😏 chocolate 😍 #chocolate #cake

another picture from the paris weekend, another picture of the eiffeltower - still love it 💞

🤔 why does this reminds me of assassin’s creed? 😂 i really spend to much time playing this game 😇 new caption “enjoying the view over Kufstein” 😂

Frühlingsblumen 😍 endlich blüht wieder alles 🌷 #endlichfrühling

Salat ist bei so warmen Temperaturen das beste 😏 Vor allem wenn er Mango und Granatapfel dabei hat 😍

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