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Faiz Abidin  🛩 Pochinki, Erangel.

It came from the worst light. But nothing would stop me taking the photo. The haze something helps you out, making a glowing sky.

Just a throwback a photo hunt with @afiqnasirh

Heavy Reality.


I couldn't reimagine how hard I work my ass for getting this perfect shot. Without any "Ei pacik saya shoot awak eh." Or "Pacik, please do it again." Just holding to faith that I land my fingers to shutter button without any fucking delay.

Lets go somewhere.

Sensor is a blank canvas. Your mind figure it up with your tools.

A few should know, a few should do.

Dear Sir Stephen Hawking, it is truly impossible in any single step that I would met you and talk with you in past or future because the distance and how you and me apart in the field. Im just a person loving your work, loving the effort to live and create eventho it is hard for you. Thank you for your contribution. Thank you.


Because I miss glue my right eye into the viewfinder; where my heart calculate the light.

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