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Congrats @teamliquid for winning TI7.

"Space and time are aspects of a single measurable reality called space-time." ODEC UMS - Reddish Golden Hour.

A fabric of time and space.

"Deepen Blue."

Such a Changgung life ahead.

You can't get so hung up on where you'd rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you are.

Night sky photographers know how hard to create this image. A clear sky with a vast city light below indeed hard to be balanced. Both on shooting or editing.

People always forgot how massive the world, the universe we live in. Then technically, we as human doesn't make any percentages to the universe. Every mistake you make doesn't affect the world. Every success just a piece of shit. Every anger and sadness just a moment in a slice of time. Every joy and love means nothing. We human, technically nothing. But still, we are giving the meaning in the life we live in. The question how it is all about you; the soul that living and blooming inside a dead thing, bunch of dead thing.

sekaijuu hora waratteru sora miagete saa tachiagatte

Simply; true.

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