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法一斯 Ahmad Faiz Najib  Official Instagram of Ahmad Faiz Najib ファイズ ▪️Disney's Mouseketeer of Club Mickey Mouse▪️ #KPOP #FAIZIES #MENDES #JAPAN #MUSIC

How was the 3rd episode of Club Mickey Mouse ??❤️ #clubmickeymousemy


Throwback picture to our Club Mickey Mouse’s first tour at Penang Gurney Paragon, Enjoy reading after a full day of work ❤️ “How To Be A Bawse” love this book Soo much by @iisuperwomanii really helped me a lot in life 😭 Life gets harder when you grow up huh, we’ll cry and feel bad towards something that we did wrong, but I guess in order for you to be strong you gotta learn from ur mistakes and keep moving forward, People will try to bring you down and make you feel bad but hey, Its okay because its happen for a reason and it makes you stronger, its up to you to accept it or leave it . Question time, Are you a tough cookie, Faiz ? My Answer is sometimes because even superman gets hurt, There will be days where u feel sad and hurt, but trust me there’s a rainbow around every corner, You’ll learn from it, Forgive & forget ❤️ Trust me in the end things will get better & better just Love yourself. ~ Faiz Najib

Today’s Performance was great ! such an honor to perform my first live duet with @thelastoneawake, Thank You So Much Christian @thelastoneawake for making this happen and I just can’t believe that you came all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to perform these songs with me for the event ❤️ we had a great time playing music all of you guys ! Hope to perform more music for all of u guys in the future ❤️ btw my performance #ootd for today was from @kizurban & @koreanoutfitmen love their outfits so much do check them out and also if u guys have any songs in Mind that u guys want me and Christian Palencia to sing or do a cover be sure to leave ur comments below ! #AhmadFaizNajib #ChristianPalencia #Faizies

The Revival event was awesome, First of all, This is actually my first time performing a live duet with someone special and had a great time singing live with @thelastoneawake such an honor 😍 We performed 2 songs for the event, Youth by @shawnmendes & @thegr8khalid , Stay by @zedd & @alessiasmusic ! hope you guys enjoyed it ! For the full video its gonna on my IGTV and my Youtube Channel !
Thank You So Much Christian @thelastoneawake for making this happen and I just can’t believe that he came all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to perform these songs with me for the event ❤️ shoutout to my school English College & SSI’s LDDS Club Society u guys did an awesome job for the Event Congrats Guys ❤️❤️ Hope u guys enjoyed it and please do let me know what do u guys think about it #Faizies #ClubMickeyMouseMY #ChristianPalencia #ECMustLead #TheRevival #2018 #ECxSSI #Youth #Stay #YouthCover #StayCover #MusicCover #InstagramCover #mendesarmy

Happy Birthday To our Dearest Cheche @charisow ❤️ Kak Charis Happy Birthday to you, Thank You So Much for being patient with all of us, Thank You Kak Charis for always correcting my mistakes and being a person who I look up since the first season of Club Mickey Mouse, You’d always been there for us and make us laugh so much, Thank You So Much Cheche for everything and bringing back the Kpop realm inside of me ❤️ please forgive me for being the annoying lil bro in the club, ❤️ No one can ever replace you as our lead Mouseketeer, Thank You for being our Supernova and our Big Sister Love u lots Kak Charis ❤️ p/s: You’re our #Anpanman


Can U Guys guess the walk?! Haha Well, All I know is I definitely can’t do a good impression of a Monkey walking but I think my bro @gabrielnoelpountney would have slayed it if he’s doing it LOL🤣 but The Cat walk that Gabe did was just too adorable sorry guys but I love cats 😂❤️anyways for more fun & games be sure to stay tune to #ClubMickeyMouseMY Season 2 at 2.30PM Every Friday on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) and also stay tune to our Club Mickey Mouse Live events coming ur way soon ! #clubmickeymousemy #DisneyChannel #Mouseketeers #Friday #cmmlive


First of all, Pulau Pinang you guys were amazing ! Life checklist : Went on a tour ✅ Went on tour for the first time and it was awesome, Thank You So Much Guys for coming and watching us perform live, You guys are super duper awesome ! Love u guys so much, Im gonna miss Pulau Pinang, Had a LOT of Delicious Foods 🤤 Meeting u guys up close and personal was a memory that i can never forget, Happy Faces and all the laughter we had together was Wonderful ❤️ I can’t believe that there arr some of our Club Mickey Mouse Fans who came all the way from The Philippines and Indonesia just to watch us perform 😭❤️❤️ Thank You Guys and hope to see more of u guys on our Next #ClubMickeyMouseMY Tour at Kuala Lumpur MyTown & IPC Mall !
#clubmickeymousemy #cmmlive #Mouseketeers #PulauPinang #ILovePulauPinang #learningneverends #newexperiences @disneymalaysia @ohmydisney

Day 1 Done ! Alhamdulillah, Had an awesome day today, Thank You So Much for coming and watch us perform live today ! You guys are wonderful love u guys ❤️❤️❤️ #clubmickeymousemy #cmmlive

❤️❤️ Almost Showtime Guys #nervcited #clubmickeymousemy #2018

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