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Faith Vue  MN I strive to help others help themselves and live my greatest life 💛

1️⃣ overhead walking lunges to RDLs (4x 10 total steps to 10)
2️⃣ barbell hip thrusts (4x8)
3️⃣ goblet squats to jump squats (3x 10 to 10)
4️⃣ hamstring curls (4x6 each leg)
5️⃣ hip adductions (4x12)
6️⃣ calve raises on hack squat (4x10)
‼️ Big tip when you guys are watching my workout videos 👉🏼 don’t just go through the motions and copy what it looks like I’m doing. Take the time to practice each exercise so that you will get the most out of it. Don’t waste your energy on improper reps! 😁
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Golden hour at the orchard? Of course I had to take a pic ☀️🍎 what are some of your favorite fall activities? 😊

My all time FAVORITE glute exercise: hip abductions! 🍑😎
I love hitting the sides of my glutes on the hip abduction machine, I also get the best pump on it 😜
I’m showing ya 3 different positions (sitting forward, middle, and back) to hit different angles. Try out all three to find the best one that works for your body type. Leaning back with my hips forward (2nd clip) is my favorite and it feels like the most effective position for my body, but sometimes incorporate all three into my routine, so for example, 8 reps forward then 8 reps back equaling one set.
Tips that I’ve found incredibly helpful:
- Thrust your hips forward when you push apart.
- SQUEEEEZE and flex the outside of your glutes, hold for a second or two!
- Slow negative coming back together at the starting position.
Things to take notice: it’s half sped up, so real time I’m going slow and in controlled, the “middle” position I’m using a back piece to push me up closer. .
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No equipment leg circuit 🍑😁
10-12 jump squats, 6 curtsey lunges each leg, and 6 side lunges each leg. I did 3 rounds! This was done after a full leg day workout so I was already pretty exhausted 😅 enjoy!
Top: @forever21
Bottoms: @gymshark @gymsharkwomen (it’s that new new 😜)
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Some just see booty, I see 2 years of HARD ASS WORK! (lol unintentional pun). Growing any part of your body can be tough, but my glutes are something I’m very proud of; I don’t think it’s the best out there lol, but it’s definitely the best it’s ever been and that’s what matters!
So, how am I growing my lil peach? Simple: I eat enough food to fuel my workouts, I add glutes into my routine 2-3x a week.. never everyday though, I gradually increase weights, switch up reps/sets from time to time, and introduce new exercises that might hit my glutes differently, and finally, replenish my gains from the gym with nutritious, wholesome meals. It’s difficult to go into details, because there’s a lot of them lol and specifics that worked for me, might not work for you and vice versa. My biggest advice is just to do your own research, and put them into practice. It might be a lot of trial and error for the little things, but you will learn so much about your own body.
So... who’s ready to make some gains this season!? 😜💪🏼🍑

Highly requested video, so here it is! All of these tips are based on MY experience with learning how to do pull ups (so there isn’t really any right or wrong) Feel free to comment some of your tips!
My biggest advice is to practice any style of ASSISTED PULL UPS! So although workouts like the lat pull down machine (last clip), where you’re pulling weight down towards you, are great back exercises, I don’t think they’re the best way to practice actual pull-ups. Assisted pull up workouts can be done with resistance bands like the first clips. Thicker bands are going to take more weight off of you, making it easier. Thinner bands will make you have to pull more of your own weight up. So I suggest gradually going lower with resistance (thinner) as you become stronger with your pull! If using a straight bar (as opposed to handles) throw the band up, and loop it around to make a knot at the top. *make sure to place the band SECURELY under your foot so it doesn’t snap back at you!*
In the second clip I’m using an assisted pull up machine. If you’re working out with a friend and you don’t have this machine, have them hold your feet while your knees are bent to assist your pull. Switch to feet if you can’t get a full pull at the top from being on your knees.
As for form, I tend to keep my chest out (so don’t hunch shoulders), pull up to my chest and squeeze my lats. My arms go from a “V” at the bottom, to a “W” at the top.
Overall, I think pull-ups are more than a “strong” exercise, it also involves athleticism so that’s why I think it’s important to actually practice that movement (assisted pull up style) as opposed to exercises like the last clip.
I hope you found this post helpful! ❤️ good luck with your pull up game! 😜😁
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I’m going to keep it real with you guys... I’ve not been doing my best these past couple of months. My training has been going well, however, I’ve been lazy with my other goals. Yup, I will admit that because I take full responsibility for my slip ups! I can probably come up with hundreds of excuses but there wasn’t a damn thing physically holding me back from consistently working towards my goals. Yesterday I told myself (yes I have mental and sometimes verbal talks to myself lol, self reflection is key guys!) that I love myself too damn much to not get back on track. I refuse to let myself fail permanently. #backandbetterthanever 😜🙌🏼


No one has ever drowned in sweat, remember that.

Lol, I promise the next workout video will be an upper body day 😄 but for now...
1️⃣ sumo deadlifts with dumbbell (4x10)- feet wider than shoulders, toes pointed slightly out. Chest up and keep a strong core.
2️⃣ stiff leg deadlifts with a band (4x10)- the band adds resistance to your forward thrust, so I like to think of it as a rdl with a hip thrust 😁 just be careful with balance!
3️⃣ goblet squats w/ jump squats 🔥🔥💦💦 (8//10 x4) woooow this was a burner. About a shoulder width stance for both.
4️⃣ (I really don’t know what to call these, let’s just say cable rope squats???) 4x10- knees shouldn’t pass the toes!
6️⃣ elevated reverse lunge 6 to curtseys 6 (x3)- practice balance without weights first!
Let me know if you plan on hitting this routine or adding any of these workouts on your next leg day! 😜

Push press progression 💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️
1st clip is my first attempt at 95 lbs... I was nervous about the weight so my balance was tipped a bit lol. 2nd clip is a more successful push, at my level anyway lol. And lastly, the 3rd clip is from last year when I was first introduced to this movement (push press with front squat with a 45 bar). Very proud of myself for the strength I’ve grown within the past year 😁
I don’t normally lift for strength or athleticism, my style is more hypertrophy training, but I like switching things up once in a while and trying new ways to enjoy fitness 🙌🏼
Thanks to @ashlete25 for the push as always 💗 I usually dread the idea of doing another CrossFit workout (because ya know, cardio ☠️), but damn, I feel like a superhero afterwards 😜💪🏼 what are you trying to improve on in the gym? 🤔😃
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