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We had a good day yesterday, today isn’t so good but God still is so say a prayer for us❤️

I don’t want to be bound by tears, I want to be able to laugh when I feel strong enough to do so... right now life is a little extra hard and most nights I cry and most mornings I cry again but I don’t do it alone, the Lord is catching each tear and somehow sustaining me each day, He is so good even though I am so not.

Daddy didn’t have such a great day and I had my share of tear shedding today but the Lord did give us some moments of cutting up and seeing daddy smile and laugh tonight so that itself was sweet enough to remind me yet again none of this is in vain, we didn’t get to go out and see any firework shows but we had some leftover sparklers and put on our own show for Daddy before he went back to bed and it was the best I’ve experienced yet and there is not a place I had rather been because yet still God is so very good❤️🎇

Very Honest Fitzgerald Family Update ( that has nothing to do with this picture except for the fact that I was at peace when I took it so it comforts me ) :
We’re needing some prayers prayers prayers, we’ve had a very difficult weekend and PET Scan and MRI week is upon us and honestly the devil is trying to use some of these symptoms we are seeing to make us fearful of the upcoming results. Our sleep deprivation and Anxiety is running high while ma and I are trying to keep tears out of our eyes, it’s truly been a hard few days and we’re experiencing hard to bare pain trying to navigate through these symptoms as a unit.
All this is not in vain and the Lord does have a beautifully paved plan of nothing but glory for His name and that is what we cling to each and every day because although the pain today is unexplainable so is our God’s amount of strength and love for us throughout this. So this I still believe, Yet Still God Is Good. -Love and thanks, The Fitzgerald Family ❤️

Humidity got the best of my hair but It was said today that I looked like Nancy Drew so I find that pretty kewl🌿☕️❤️

Uncovered a new friend today, he was spunky 🌿❤️

No snazzy quote just snazzy flowers🌿

Getting lost in pathless woods, discovering new words along the way.🌿

Nothing better then a pizza picnic and free hugs with the sweetest nephew in town!🍕❤️

Today I met Mrs Elizabeth, she came to America from Australia in 1956 and became a citizen shortly after and she tells her story with pride and joy and it’s beautiful!
Our conversation struck after I asked where her accent come from and her face lit up, she loves to talk and laugh and when when she does the happiness is just so contagious.
I consider myself very blessed to have met her today & I pray when I’m 81 I have the same spirit and spunk for life as she does.❤️

I wanna do another 20, but this time with you🌿🍍

So it’s like a local thing to take a picture in front of these pins with you’re cool date and I’ve never had a bowling date quite cool enough until today, and we have the bestest extra four wheels 😘❤️

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