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FAITH XLVII  Link to Aqua Regalia / Hong Kong:

I realize that i dont understand suffering or death. Im not equipped to give advice or words. It makes no sense to me why someone must suffer so. Its cruel. Im utterly humbled by this truth that not one of us is in control. I surrender. Gracious breath.
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Small sketch to get me back in the studio. #becauselove #XlVII #faith47 @jessxsnow #losangeles #783hz

#hongkong @aquaregalia Full link in Bio... experimental project exploring our discarded thoughts, the connections we share beneath everyday formalities. Threads. Ties. Strings.
#shrine #faith47 #XlVII @danedodds #shrine

Detail shot of the shrine in Hong Kong. Collecting items within an abandoned 5 floor apartment block and weaving narratives from without and within. Full link in bio. @aquaregalia #danedodds #faith47 #hongkong #aquaregalia #shrine

Detail shot of the shrine in Hong Kong. Collecting items within an abandoned 5 floor apartment block in the city. Weaving narratives from without and within. Full link in bio. @aquaregalia #danedodds #faith47 #hongkong #aquaregalia #shrine

We support the LGBTQ movement with this artwork titled 722-481 BC. The right to human love for all. Strange that one even needs to state that - it should be a given - like air and water? #manchester #faith47 #XLVII #sexualfreedom #mentalfreedom #individuality #783hz
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Link to full video in bio. A teaser of our new short film set in Hong Kong, co-directed with @danedodds expanding the @aquaregalia thematic.
#faith47 #aquaregalia #hongkong #XLVII

This week we release 'Aqua Regalia - Hong Kong' This project is very important to me. 2016 was significant. For several years I had been traveling non-stop, painting large murals and exhibions to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. This, amplified by personal shifts threw me into two months of deep depression and finally i reached my creative abyss. It was just before I had to fly to Hong Kong to paint a large commissioned mural. I could not face going. I wanted to explore other mediums and thematics. I wanted to make more intimate work. My soul desire was to transform and expand my practice. I had to call Hong Kong and cancel the wall, I felt awful to let them down but I just had no energy left in me. Jason and Maria were understanding and encouraged me to keep my flight and to make something explorative instead. So i decided to pull my own savings into this and I flew @danedodds and @mirandamoss into Hong Kong to help me manifest a vision that I had brewing inside me. The week in Hong Kong was absolutely grueling and although i was still recovering from my breakdown I felt life spill into me again through the use of a new voice and medium. The creative process is for me, not merely a career - it is a way to live, a way of life. It is my breath. This experience was the turning point which forced me to realize the very real need to pursue my own ideas and projects instead of following the requests of others or repeating the same imagery and style because it 'works' . I want to speak. To grow. To breathe. I allow space to scream and cry and laugh and despair and awe. I want to do that with all of my being not water it down for mass consumption. I thank everyone who has supported me on this journey so far and im looking forward to what comes next.
A big thanks you to @hkwalls @hkurbex @danedodds @mirandamoss for their help on this and to @thejackfox @chopemdownfilms @tylerbmurphy @klintonoz and @alexiawebster for showing me light when things were dark. X

Link to film in Bio.
#XLVII #hong kong #aquaregalia #lifestory #faith47 #danedodds #experimental

Just released: A short film in Hong Kong that I co-directed with @danedodds expanding the @aquaregalia thematic. Link to full video on my page.
#faith47 #aquaregalia #hongkong #XLVII

Just received the new @lonelyplanet book detailing muralism around the planet. Its pretty impressive! It reminded me of how amazing its been to be part of this large global family of artists. The world is large but it is also small. Lets keep it networking, connected and communicating. Breaking down borders.

Adore this night capture of te hina 'aro - in Tahiti
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#XLVII #faith47 #tahiti #night

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