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FAITH XLVII  photographer. explorer. libertine. dreamer. pantheist. writer. futurist. painter.


Just completed the first part of a larger commission in the United Arab Emirates. Really excited for the second phase next year where ill be designing a entire tunnel joining Yas Island to Abu Dhabi. Huge shout out to @maxripo and @soloone.blogspot.co.uk for helping out and making it a fun week* Heading to Oman now to hike in the desert with my mother for two days. A short breath on the wind in the middle of an insane schedule. Then to Miami to create some magik with @inkakendzia Life's feeling pretty blessed right now.
Salaam Alaikum
#faith47 #XLVII #unitedarabemirates #abudhabi

That time @alexiawebster took me drifting in Johannesburg. Miss you homegirl x
#johannesburg #drifting

That night before we knew about things we know now.

Standing in Solidarity with Zimbabwe in this crucial time.
#solidarity #zimbabwe #heart

The Trump administration will begin allowing hunters to bring into the United States “trophies” of elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia, reversing a 2014 ban despite the fact that African elephants are protected under the Endangered Species Act.
The thought of these grand majestic beasts being killed by some rich foreigner for mere ego satisfaction and status is so disgusting
#humans #trophyhunting #death #savetheelephants

Thank you to the Great and Ancient Arabic Cultures for showing us the divine through geometry. There is much wisdom in these sacred angles and im eternally grateful to the ancient spiritual paths that experienced the underlying truth of things and attempted within their designs to explain the concept of the divine. In my own psycadelic experiences ive had immense and profound realizations about these intricate shapes. Often 2 dimensional representations of 3 dimensional structures. The great design.
#geometry #sacred #islamic #wisdom #greatful #ancient #cultures

Le Petite Morte
Meandering through India a couple months back with @chopemdownfilms and considering the symbolism of the lotus flower.
#eastern #mindset #global #love #XLVII #faith47 #lotus #symbolism

410 - 340 BC
Mixed Media on astrological data sheets
163 x 145 cm
#faith47 #XLVII #astronomy #royalspirits

XLVII Portrait Series
@daleast and I knew straight away that our lives would be entwined. That we had some kind of karmic thread connecting us beneath the surface of reality. And after a most beautiful few years of romantic whirlwinds and adventures we shifted the dynamic, but family and dear friend you will always be. DAL is a force to be reckoned with. A dreamer and wise sage. Searching for that pearl of wisdom with every inch of his being. Absurdly talented. His keen wit drives him to the edge of things. Of being. So blessed to have such an old young soul know me on the level that you do. As the world burns we find ways to see, feel the fire, to be the ashes, to breathe the flames, to know death and life as one perpetual flicker.
#daleast #XLVIIportrait

Clear the psychic dust of the past. #Burnsage #Mphepho #PauloSanto. #Frankincense #XLVII #faith47
Muse @megatrops x #heart #dust

Congratulations to @obeygiant for his LA exhibition this weekend. Youve been an inspiration - remaining so open and humble despite the enormous amount of respect and fame you've earned over the years. Heres the Vienna building we shared back in 2013.
Photos by @kitkatlondon @delphinedaniels @viennamurals @nickvegus
#vienna #faith47 #XLVII #shepard fairy #obey

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