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♛ʙᴇɪɴɢ ғᴀɪsᴀʟᴇʀ♛  ℓoVﻉ FAISAL @faisalkhan30 🌏❤️ ƒσℓℓσωє∂ вy нiм❤ ✾275 ㉡IKES💜 ✾60 ℜe℘osts 💜 ✾8 ₵omments💜 ✾32 ℜe℘lies💜 Us? Not just a FANDOℳ, A FAℳILY💙

Hello, KING! 👑❤️

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

We didn't fall in Love with You once;
We fall in Love with You everytime we look at You.💙🌹

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

There's an ocean in your eyes,
And we have loved nothing more than to have drowned in them. 💙✨

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

You can never count,
All of the ways in which
I Love You.
Just as You can never touch
The infinite stars.
But I promise You;
My Love will light your skies,
And show you each star.💜✨

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

When I follow my Heart, it leads me to You.🌏💜
[Fc: @onlyotp]

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

The universe is there in his eyes,
In his Heart, God resides.💜✨
[IC : @multxfandom.ig]

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

If I get separated from you,
I'll be separated from my own self.
Because you alone are,
Now you only are, life.
You're my life.
My peace, and my pain,
you alone are my love.❤️

#NextKhanOfBollywood 💫
🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

You both are beautiful,
As the sunset in the horizon.
You both are as glowing,
As it's tranquil vermilion.
You both are as stunning,
As the amazing sun.
Blessing it was, to witness your bond;
That Love, which goes on for life and beyond.💜

#RelivingMrpDayss💕 🌏♥️ @faisalkhan30 ♥️🌏

That laugh, that smileeee.😭💘

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

Jab kuchh na ban saka toh mera dil bana diya, O saathiiiii.💜💫
His expressions and Him.❤️

#Musically #MuserKing
🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

This episode.😭💕
When Phool saved Kunwar Pratap! How pure is their friendship!💜💜

#MrpDailogueEdit 💛
🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

I asked my Heart, what it's relationship with You is. It replied, that it will always be more yours, than it can ever be mine.🌏💜💫

🌏❤️ @faisalkhan30 ❤️🌏

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