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Functional Aging Institute 

Functional Aging Summits youngest attendee!

Cant wait to get the day started!!! Day 1 of the Functional Aging Summit. Kicking off today is Colin Milner on The 10 Transformation Trends in Active Aging!

Functional Aging Summit is halfway over already. Can't wait for more amazing presentations tomorrow!
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ORLANDO, FL - Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist workshop. ๐Ÿ‘Š

Today's Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist Workshop was a blast. Thanks for joining us in Orlando for our pre-conference workshop.... See most of you tomorrow at our 3rd annual Functional Aging Summit!!
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2017 Functional Aging Summit is less than a week away!! It's not too late to join the most passionate group of fitness professionals in the industry. Purchase your tickets here: https://faieducation.com/fas2017/

Anytime Fitness- Batesville, IN.
Functional Aging Specialist Workshop in progress with Jackie Zheng from Shanghai.

Don't forget to get your tickets to this years Functional Aging Summit in Orlando, FL.
Check out this industry changing event: https://faieducation.com/fas2017/

Tomorrow Dr. Cody Sipe will be presenting the Functional Aging Specialist pre con workshop at the IDEA conference in Bethesda, MD. Don't miss his live sessions during the 2 day conference as well. Register now and use FAIs discount code: FAI17PTI

Join Dr. Dan Ritchie at Fitness Fest and use his promo code for $25 off. www.fitnessfest.org

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