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Chloe  Errr, boozes & coffee & foods. Editor @caffeinemag. @bespoke_water , writes about coffee for CLASS mag etc etc etc


The beauty that is @winemakersdeptford with @elliejaldridge - brief goodbye before many trips to Paris

Not only a brilliant (obviously) natural wine bar but also check the Victoria Arduino on the bar with @workshopcoffee In the hopper

Did last Monday significantly better... Solo bar dining @ducksoupsoho - gamay & snacks FTW ✌️️

Sometimes (quite often) only pizza will do... Still exploring the neighbourhood - Donna Margherita doing the job well

Perfect brunch/meeting balance achieved @louielouie.london
Issue #26 @caffeinemag under way over fantastic food, @squaremilecoffee filter coffee & gin cocktails on Walworth Road - sister all day dining space of @fowlds_cafe - love it!

Starting the day the right way @161kirk
Mortadella toastie ftw

When your flatmate brings you gorgeous gifts... Dinner was half of this, 4 marshmallows & a massive martini. I win.

Ah, the beauty of a proper lunch @st.john.restaurant on a Monday, & in good company too - good to catch up @winemakersclub

Another utterly shameless gym selfie - ab progress - will possibly nail it if I lay off the booze....oh & get back on the 6 day a week training...they're under there somewhere... #sorrynotsorry

Brunchin' in the garden

The prettiest cocktails @untitled_bar tonight & a great catch up with friends into the bargain; @elliejaldridge @clerkenwellboyec1 @robsonbarista @shuface @tuckandvine

True romance 🗡💉🍊🍸☕️ Found at the bottom of a negroni... ❤️😉

Issue 25 is out in the wilds - entirely unintentional date/colour coordination btw.... @caffeinemag