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I Run Off Sugar And Salt  Uni has stolen all my uwus ùwú Pfp by @lil_lyly_draws Art trades - Mutuals only please. Vry few exceptions Requests - Closed

Happy-extremely-late-birthday- Mo- senpai! I'm really sorry this took so long. I'm just happy it came out alright! I did my research and tried to add each version of your oc as I could. I hope I did them well!


I had to post one more thing at some point so I decide to try traditional for a second.
@mdazzleyt was my first pick to make this as a bit of a tester.
First slide: filtered
Second: no filter
Also quick note a tiny hiatus is starting up right about now. This might be my last post for a bit.
Edit: sorry I forgot to mention that I was using my gellpens with this. That and I messed up a bit and smudged the lineart. Sorry about that y’all. I’m still trying to get used to traditional art with gellpens and pencils.

Art trade w/ @unibunay

I took a while to get on this wagon sorry about that. I tried a bit of a different shading and I noticed some stuff I'll try to fix later but hey I liked this version so why not?

I couldn't find the original page but I found this-
I think this was around maybe 2016-17?? @lewarriorstar was streaming at the time and I think I remember putting this together rather quickly and uploading it as a speed draw to YT. I'm definitely gon redraw this maybe sometime soon because oml this is- kwjrjrngnnvnvnsns

I wanted to test out a different shading style with lineless art since I haven't done one since last year- I used @charsarts_ little boy. (The second slide broke my heart to make but I had to work with tears a bit more QwQ)

Hi! I'm here promoting my YT channel again. It's pretty dead but I do have plans to upload (that's due to me not recording most of my pieces XD). But if you do get a chance please subscribe! Please don't force yourself to tho- just putting it out there that I do have it and that it's not an imposter-

I completely forgot to share my little girl. I tried messing around with her hair a bit and using a different brush/style? I hope I'll be able to upload more for y'all. I might properly Line this and then make it better. Not sure atm but enjoy for now!

Legit everyone else: has beautiful backrounded art and is shaded to perfection.
This kinda looks like a dumb but hhhhhhhhh it was rushed- Like- extremely rushed------
Happy hekin new year

Insta quality sucks but here are some close ups!

SHE'S HERE- FINALLY- I wasn't happy with her old design and quirk so I redid it. I think I'm a lot happier with how this one turned out. Have fun kids! .
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New hashtag I will be using for all my characters refs. Please don't use it :) #faesoriginalchildren

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