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I used to hate going to church as a kid, my mom had to drag me there and I couldn't wait for this long boring hour to get over .then when I moved out I had the 'freedom ' not to go anymore and felt relieved for a while, it felt like i could skip a homework 😏 With time I realized though that I kinda do miss those moments of my childhood, the mysterious oriental chanting, the scent of burning incense , the feeling of community with others and the connection to a higher magical power . And so from time to time I started going again nevertheless unable to concentrate and be really present . I was baptized as a child and had my first communion though never read the New Testament carefully, I figured it's another narrow minded book full of dogmatic backward ideologies . God had to slap me in the face to Suddenly realize what an arrogant idiot I was . I only had misconceptions and prejudices.
I See things now from a fresh perspective, I see love, hope, warmth, strength ... how foolish to think that we are strong without the grace of god .

I now go to holy mass almost daily, and am addicted to praying the saint rosary . I still do find the music though terribly cheesy and don't like the German corny church tunes at all 🙌🏻 I'll get used to it ☘️🌹

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Hello Jesus, I've missed you !
I got distracted getting busy with life's nonsense and troubles until you reminded me to be humble again.
as I fall on my knees in front of your magnificent light, I realize how much I was empty without your love.
Dear Jesus bless this world drowned in sorrow, cast your warm light upon our hearts and heal our spirits, may your immaculate devine voice reach and heal each cell in our bodies, each breath we take, each heart-beat our heavy hearts make .
You took away my fears as I baptized in your tears .
As I pray I feel your strength flowing through my veins, my faith is strong 💪.
Jesus , in you we trust , I know you got our back 🤗