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Fadhli Abdullah  They try to bury me They didnt know i'm a seed • Fadhligergasi@gmail.com •

Buang tebiat.

After more than 10 years of training hard singing in the toilet, i believe my voice can go far, far and deep into where it belong. The toilet bowl and down the pipeline. HAHHAHAHA. Alrite internet, im open for some bashing comments right now.

Ini olang manyak jahat! Nak tahu kenapa? Nantikan di Hub Sensasi!

Dont forget to tune to Suria to watch Manja at 9pm today and every Wednesday.

Show armpit.

Dont try your best, Do your best.
-My father

Suit by :@astonblake @shahreens
Makeup : @zoolmimi
Photography : @qomarularifin

Pesta Perdana 2017
Special thanks to Aston Blake, Shahreen, Mimi Jasmine, Zoolmimi & Qomarul.
My suit is my baby my love : @astonblake @shahreens
Why you cant see my huge pimple on top of my lip, covered but natural : @zoolmimi
Without her i wont know where to tailor a suit hence i wont be able to attend the event. Also Congratulations for the win on best styling! : @mimijasmine
Talk so much no use, a picture speaks a thousand words : @qomarularifin

Pesta Perdana 2017
Suit by @astonblake @shahreens
Makeup by @zoolmimi


Outfit : @hambalitwr @ezuwanismail
Makeup : @zoolmimi

Power Rangers Dyno Songket.

Goodie goodboy.

Make up : @zoolmimi @adamariefy
Outfit : @cottonon

High end fashion statement

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