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Fadhli Abdullah  They try to bury me They didnt know i'm a seed • Fadhligergasi@gmail.com •

Dont forget to tune to Suria to watch Manja at 9pm today and every Wednesday.

Show armpit.

Dont try your best, Do your best.
-My father

Suit by :@astonblake @shahreens
Makeup : @zoolmimi
Photography : @qomarularifin

Pesta Perdana 2017
Special thanks to Aston Blake, Shahreen, Mimi Jasmine, Zoolmimi & Qomarul.
My suit is my baby my love : @astonblake @shahreens
Why you cant see my huge pimple on top of my lip, covered but natural : @zoolmimi
Without her i wont know where to tailor a suit hence i wont be able to attend the event. Also Congratulations for the win on best styling! : @mimijasmine
Talk so much no use, a picture speaks a thousand words : @qomarularifin

Pesta Perdana 2017
Suit by @astonblake @shahreens
Makeup by @zoolmimi


Outfit : @hambalitwr @ezuwanismail
Makeup : @zoolmimi

Power Rangers Dyno Songket.

Goodie goodboy.

Make up : @zoolmimi @adamariefy
Outfit : @cottonon

High end fashion statement

Me on a daily basis.
Cash me on Dara Zara how bout dah.
TONIGHT and also every Tuesday at 9.30pm on Suria.
Cash me tonight how bout dah.
Can i shut up how bout dah.

Rib in peace.


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