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Tammie  I love NJPW, Disney, Overwatch, Yakuza (龍が如く), Persona 5, Golden Kamuy, dolls and cute/weird things~!

Got my Jiro/SEM itabag ready for Fanime later!!💞💖

‪Yesterday was one of those days when just about everything I ordered in the last few weeks came in at the same time and it feels like Xmas or something lol‬

Organized my games and books! I am waiting for 4 more huge artbooks (3 Granblue Fantasy and 1 Persona 5) so the top bookshelf is gonna fill out a bit very soon hehe~💖

Ruruko is so cute...I wish she wasn’t so expensive or I’d get more...💖

Egg shaped boyfriends💞

MahoYome goodies from the Studio IG store~😍

Between the doll show in Asakusa, Mandarake, Parabox and the Azone Label Shop my doll collection sure grew in Japan lol...this is excluding the other 2 Parabox girls I already posted.

I already had Tonbokiri but I had to pick my other 2 best touken danshi up in Japan 😍

My current favorite series of official acrylic charms~! I have a few more on their way to me too lol

Well Japan, it’s been fun but it’s time for me to go home! It’s been a crazy fun couple of weeks but I’m ready to see my boys again and not live out of a suitcase haha

A successful Book-Off haul from last night~

A friend arrives....💞
I actually got 2 more but they need some work (and clothes) still so they aren’t ready for the camera yet...eyes and tiny pug are pickups from the doll show yesterday~

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