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Tammie  I love Disney, Mass Effect, Overwatch, Borderlands, anime/manga, and cute/weird things!

Beat Yakuza 4! Btw here is proof I am no completionist πŸ˜‚

Can he fly and yell? Yes. Yes he can.

He yell!😡

Chibi normal Majima (his jacket??? how???) and I guess you could call the other one chibi Okinawa uncle Majima concept art lol. What I have in mind for how my AU cosplay will look. Well. If he was wearing it lol

My Yusuke Dancing All Night shoes came and they are perfect~! Just waiting for a couple more things and my cosplay will be just about done!

My Majimagumi pin came!! And with some cute candies too~✨ I didn't originally buy the pin for cosplay but I'm glad it worked out that way so it's useful too and not just indulgent πŸ˜‚

Qposket Rapunzel is so cute!! Gosh I love her~😍

Literally 20 hours later....😫😫😫

It's been downloading since 10pm last night. Please be done by the time I get home. 😫

I'm going to make Okinawa AU Majima happen for Crunchyroll Expo, since I've got everything for Dancing All Night Yusuke coming already! Not pictured: gold chain and paint for the bat πŸ”ͺ🚬⚾️

Got a pretty good deal for the DX set! Can't wait to play around with him! I hope this helps me get better at drawing more poses~

FFXII came in!! Too bad I'm too busy with my Yakuza games to play this right now, but I might start it when I've beat Ishin while I am waiting for Kiwami to come out lol

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