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F_ck u, Amar! πŸ–•  Account got hacked by @animenal πŸ–• Now real owner @worldwi.de is back πŸ€—

Well played, @animenal
But now it's over. Your abuse of my name.
Let's start from the beginning. He wanted, as an old friend, my account + name to get a base. Then he decided to scam me and changed everything. He insulted me and told me, that it was my fault to trust a thief like him and he'll never give this account back. Later he lied to all my friends, that helped me receiving this account back (probs to @funny_tobi ; @itechimemes ; @naruto.baka.kun ; @shikamaru.nara) and told them he wanted to give it back but got hacked too - in that time the account was disabled. When it got enabled, he laughed at me.
Anyway now I got my name back. So simply f_ck you, Amar @animenal! πŸ–•πŸ€—

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