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Friendly reminder that Meredith is a widow now. Bye😭

Serious question: WHO THE FUCK DID THIS!?😭😭😭😭😭💔😭😭😭😭😭

I don't even know what to say.. I can't believe that episode aired, I can't believe that happened, I can't believe the last 11 years of merder were for nothing, I can't believe Meredith lost the love of her life, I can't believe Amy lost her only brother, I can't believe Meredith is a widow, I can't believe Zola and Derek Bailey are going to grow up without their dad but I seriously can't believe half of my otp is dead. I remember 2 years ago I was changing the channels and I saw this commercial where a a woman was being held by her best friend seeing her husband on the floor with blood, that 5 seconds scenes spoke to me, I saw sadness, anger, and desperation, but also I saw love. The episode was starting so I decided to watch it, I fell in love with that couple, I fell in love of how strong Meredith was/is, I fell in love with Derek (and of course every single one of the characters). I never in my entire life imagined I'd be mourning the death of one my favorites characters, I have been told "it's just a show" but for me it's not, for me it's so much more than that, it's my home, one of my favorite things of watching Greys it's that it makes me forget about all of my problems when I'm watching it, for 45 minutes I get to feel what the characters are feeling, this episode in particular will be forever one I'll never forget, this episode killed me, I can't even express what I'm feeling, I'm already missing him and the fact that he's never coming back and I'll never see his precious face again kills me, I'll always remember Derek, we still have the memories and that's better than having nothing, I hope we can see flashbacks to at least have some merder new scenes, this is hurting like hell and I swear to god if Meredith finds another man I just I don't even wanna think about it. On another note, wow I gained so much respect for Meredith in yesterdays episode, the way she said "no but go ahead" "I'll be fine" "you can go" wow I have never seen something more heartbreaker than that, and I know in next week episode I'm gonna cry even more and I'm just not ready, but well can't wait to see this next storyline (pt2 on the comments)

I don't have words right now, I'll say something tomorrow..💔 you will be forever missed McDreamy we will always love you😭❤️

Holy shit this scene was the best birthday present ever, I cried so much it was so perfect I can't even breathe

Tomorrow I'll be back and to stay! Sorry guys it's just school drying me crazy, i promise tomorrow I'll post facts, love y'all😘❤️

FIRST POST OF THE YEAR🎉🎉 wow a lot of time since the last time I posted, almost a month😱 that's what happens when you're too busy enjoying the holidays sleeping, listening music and watching tv😂❤️

Today I was so busy partying like it's 1989 and I forgot to post opss🙊

Heyyyyyyy guysssssss, yesterday was my last day of school so I'm gonna post more often now🎉

congrats to Sarah's family for the new baby!💕👶

Almost 1 week without posting omfg I'm sorry guys I'm in finals right now so.. I'm gonna try my best to post this week, love y'all💕 ps: justin Chambers followed me on Twitter today fkdkzks I'm still freaking out

I'm so done with school already and it's only Monday, finals starts on Thursday🔫💣😭

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