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Factory Records Costa Mesa  Factory Records from Dave Noise Noise Noise. Hoarding influencer. OC's Vinyl Whisperer and A-list cosplayer. Plus stuff I do on my days off.

Halloween Time at Disneyland means overdosing on all the crap food they bring out for this holiday season. This Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese Loaf isn't very spicy at all and is more like a $9 hors d'oeuvre (which is probably a good thing for my blood pressure), but it's a delightful mouthful nonetheless. Bat Wing Sundaes were next, and that may be all my arteries can stand for the day. Maybe. #corndogcastle #Disneyland #junkfood #heartattackonastick #dca #halloweentimeatdisneyland

Check out this little fellow that was camouflaged in a tuft of pug hair and dust just outside the door of our house!! (No spiders like this lurk at Factory Records...our landlady is a stellar example of cleanliness.)

My clever new creation. Someday I might screen print a few of these. #starwars #darthvader #sith

Part 2 of 2 of the just-in used vinyl at Factory Records Costa Mesa!! Stop in or call for details as I'm not working or paying particular attention to the internets for a few days. 949-722-8101

Seriously. If you hit me up here or PM me I'll at some point get around to telling you to read this, while all the records are selling to the clever vultures.

Hey, if you care about any of these used new arrivals, get off your ass and visit Factory Records, because a lot of this isn't gonna last long. At the very least, call the shop, because I'm gonna be away until Wednesday looking at a few jazz collections (fingers crossed). 949-722-8101

If you leave an inquiry here or PM me, I'll probably ignore it until Wednesday and then you'll think I'm an asshole until I tell you to read this message.

$4.99 or less Cheapo Bin re-up, part 2. Conditions vary, but everyone seems to love this stuff!!

$4.99 or less Cheapo Bin re-up, part 1. Conditions vary, but nothing is complete trash. Many are in great shape!

Gotta speak the millennial language sometimes.

$59.99 - First press USA with insert. Just in at Factory Records Costa Mesa!!

New release and new restock vinyl at Factory Records Costa Mesa!! These are not used records. They are only "originals" if they're recent releases, dig? We have the deluxe version of the Prince record, too.

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