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Sarah Choudhry  Professional Makeup Artist, Youtube Guru, Beauty Blogger💄Singapore to Perth ✈️ Blissfully Married 💍 Mother to Aleena Ayesha (@lilmissaleena) 💕


There's a new name in town! My dear gf Roxanne is launching her very own brand of cosmetics in Singapore, on 30th April. Check out @roxx_metics for more details and stay tuned for her exciting launch ❤

What a night!! I cant believed I endured a party with @lilmissaleena till almost 11pm! She was enjoyin herself dancing and jumping around😂 Where did she get all that energy from?? As tiring as it is, not being able to thoroughly sit back and enjoy the party, I still wouldnt have it any other way. Love you to bits my lil monkey ❤

Black smokey eye tonight for my besties bday ❤🎁🎉

So I tried the @makeupforeversg Acrylip for the first time today and I was expecting a liquid lipstick😆 Little did i know, its a high intensity lipstick...in a tube! Literally had a mini fangirl moment when i swatched once and saw how opaque it was 😭 I still am a matte lips kinda girl but with winter creeping in, I could do away with my dry matte lips and maybe use these.

Some new colourful goodies to play with from @makeupforeversg . Super thrilled to try out the lippies! Look at those colours!

When two makeup junkies get together, our eyes only zoom in on the cosmetics, no matter which store we walk in to 🙈

Gotta get my glow on!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead, and Happy Easter from @lilmissaleena and me! 🐰💕

Some colourpop lovin on the eyes n lips today💋


When you are in an industry dominated by females(tho males are slayin it too!) ,everyone tends to be catty and feel like they are in a competition with each other. Ive never felt any other MUA was a threat to me, and even till today so many amazing bMUAs are dear friends, despite us having the same target audience. It really frazzles me how in this time and day, and at this age(we're not 16 anymore guys), some females still feel the need to run others down, even when these 'others' are the very ones who help them shine. Ive always said, if you have confidence in youself, and your work, then you have absolutely NO reason to dim another persons light. Empower each other, ladies! Not compete with each other❤


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