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Okay pet owners, if your pet could tell you their deepest thoughts, what would they say?

In case you needed more adorable pets in your feed...
We met with a few pets and their owners to share a primer on how to speak guinea pig, turtle, cat, dog, and parrot. If you spoke your pet's language, what would you say to them?

The P. Town Poppers can do the King Tut, the robot, and the electric boogaloo, which makes us wonder; if you joined a dance group, what kind of dancing would you do?

Capoeira combines music, dance and acrobatics. Which of these would be hardest for you to master?

What happens when a vice principal joins a roller derby group she found on Facebook? This is just a “greatest hits.” What’s a challenge you’d like to try one day?

The Kansas City Juggling Club can teach you to juggle balls, clubs, scarves, rings and hammers, but we don’t recommend breathing fire without plenty of guidance.

The cardinal rule of improv is to say “yes, and.” What is one new experience you’d say yes to?

If you’ve ever dreamt of shredding an epic guitar solo in front of 60,000 fans, there is a group out there for you. And if you’re so inclined, we invite you to respectfully debate the greatest guitar solo of all time in the comments.

Nicole gets nervous performing in public, but after joining a new group, she discovers her inner puppeteer. What’s something that makes you nervous but you’d like to try anyway?

They’re coming. The giant puppets are coming. The question is: will you join them?

When Andrea moved to Portland she discovered a city filled with people who raise bees, wear clown makeup, dance every day, make food to feed the hungry and listen to heavy metal while doing yoga. Who are some of the most unique people we’d meet in your hometown?

To some, being part of a community means giving and receiving support.
To others, it's about belonging. What does it mean to you?

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