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Kimberley 💋  Fat & Happy:the final taboo. Boss. Princess of Awesome. Political. Stop scrolling if fat offends you. #plussize #fatbabe #plusmodel #fatactivist

Tomorrow marks our 12 year anniversary. 12 years of sharing absolutely everything with eachother. The good, the bad and the ugly. The harsh truths and the difficult moments. The days where you wonder if everything will be ok. The silliness, the innuendo, the jokes nobody else gets. The laughter and the teasing. The quiet moments just existing together. The knowing smiles and eyerolls. The intense passion and dedication.
The warmth of his back when I’m about to fall asleep. Having an ally in everything I do. My best friend in the whole world. The man who makes everything so much better, even in his darkest moments. The unquestioning support. Forever letting me know I am his favourite human and making sure I never forget how special I am to him. And most of all, the never, not even once, doubting of his love for me nor my love for him. Another 12,000 years would not be enough to spend together, so instead ... we make each day count. Forever is a long time, but if I am to spend it with anyone, it is this man ❤️

Link to the full article in my bio. Read it. “For 60 years, doctors and researchers have known two things that could have improved, or even saved, millions of lives. The first is that diets do not work. Not just paleo or Atkins or Weight Watchers or Goop, but all diets. Since 1959, research has shown that 95 to 98 percent of attempts to lose weight fail and that two-thirds of dieters gain back more than they lost. The reasons are biological and irreversible. As early as 1969, research showed that losing just 3 percent of your body weight resulted in a 17 percent slowdown in your metabolism—a body-wide starvation response that blasts you with hunger hormones and drops your internal temperature until you rise back to your highest weight. Keeping weight off means fighting your body’s energy-regulation system and battling hunger all day, every day, for the rest of your life.
The second big lesson the medical establishment has learned and rejected over and over again is that weight and health are not perfect synonyms. Yes, nearly every population-level study finds that fat people have worse cardiovascular health than thin people. But individuals are not averages: Studies have found that anywhere from one-third to three-quarters of people classified as obese are metabolically healthy. They show no signs of elevated blood pressure, insulin resistance or high cholesterol. Meanwhile, about a quarter of non-overweight people are what epidemiologists call “the lean unhealthy.” A 2016 study that followed participants for an average of 19 years found that unfit skinny people were twice as likely to get diabetes as fit fat people. Habits, no matter your size, are what really matter. Dozens of indicators, from vegetable consumption to regular exercise to grip strength, provide a better snapshot of someone’s health than looking at her from across a room.”

#saturdayvibes! How are you this weekend? Are you practising some #selflove like me, taking time to rest, sleep, eat well, exercise and cuddle? Remember to #breathe and take it easy on yourself.

#Repost @untrapped_au ・・・
As body positive fever sweeps the planet, we must remember that the whole concept arose from people in marginalised bodies fighting for better treatment. I'm talking about people in bodies and identities that don't fit the thin ideal - fat people, queer people, people of different races and abilities. They rose up and formed body positivity as a social justice issue. Because it's just wrong that people who don't fit the ideal get treated like crap!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Body positivity is now extremely fashionable in thin people as a way of healing damaged body image (which we all suffer from, regardless of size, thanks to diet culture!). I'm all for healing body image and feeling better about your appearance, but this is a totally different subject to body positivity. People who speak about body positivity without mentioning social justice or including and centring people in marginalised bodies are not doing body positivity - they're erasing marginalised people, which is exactly why we need real body positivity! I invite everyone to learn more about body positivity, from the people who are impacted most. Follow the #HAES and you'll find a wealth of information!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #healthateverysize #nondiet #bodypositive #bopo #bodypositivity #losehatenotweight #effyourbeautystandards #ditchthediet #antidiet #edrecovery #riotsnotdiets #nourishnotpunish #recoverywarriors #donewithdiets #intuitiveeating #socialjustice #bodykindness #selfcare #selflove #selfcompassion #antidietrevolution #fatacceptance #fatacceptancemovement

Because #redlipstick always wins the day!

When I was 16, I cut my long hair off to a chin-length bob. I have not worn my hair longer than shoulderlength ever since, it is so much more wearable and less maintenance. But sometimes, I like to go for the #vavavoom of #hairextensions. These #redhair are a perfect match from @chloeshairofficial #chloeshairspo and they really are lovely #redhead #bbw #plussizebeauty #sexycurves

Last one then!
A flipped image for variety. Photo by @ronvanlaarhoven - the full set will be going on my Facebook page this week so if you want to see more: link in bio!

My favourite photo from this shoot with @ronvanlaarhoven - what do you think? Is this your favourite too? #size28style

Do you think the farmer minds if I just pose in his field? 😉
#cheekyface Photo by @ronvanlaarhoven

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