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emo dad [Aka Hayden but]  "Let's all just run the Hell away from our problems!" -Nathan Sharp • He/him


so uh. i made this.
there is no explination just enjoy

well somebody wanted a gay post, so guess i'll give them one.
Anyway. Uh. Do I need to do the same gay introduction thing? Ah, well.
So there's almost nothing I can say about Harlan that I haven't told him, told everyone, or written in the 30 pages of gay I've given her.
I absolutely adore them. I mean, who wouldn't love someone who sends you memes at three AM, will comfort you when you're upset despite admiting they're bad at dealing with negative emotions, and much, much more? Come on.
Before my first conversation with him, I didn't really care much for anyone. I couldn't have cared less about who my friends were, who I sat with or talked to. Then this tall ass hecc in choir comes along & suddenly I want nothing more to be around her at all times.
I try & do everything I can to be there for them, too, because they've never failed to be there for me. Though I can't exactly force him too... y'know.
I do whatever I can to make sure she knows just how fuckin great she is, be it by writing my many many e s s a y s on how much I love them, text, just... yelling it at him every chance I get, anything.
He is amazing, so we're clear. A fucking blessing to this Earth, to me, to all of our school, everything.
I don't know where I'm going with this.
Also sorry about my neck. And binder. And arms. Uh. Sorry I'm a lil shit & that my stepdad sucks, basically lmao.
Yeah. I love you, Harlan.
Only homo/hetero if you're alright with it though.
Also I still can't draw you I'm sorry

I haven't focus in class since Thursday so hey have some eye doodles that I don't hate

I have this friend. He's great, I love him. Not in a romantic way, he's just... fantastic.
He's an incredible artist, writer, friend, and overall person.
At one point, we weren't very close. In fact, he hated me & I wasn't too fond of him. But now, after three+ years, he's back in my life & I'm so glad.
He never fails to be there for me. He's shown so many times how much he cares about me, and I'm so thankful.
He's my best friend, my favourite person, and just... so fucking amazing.
He deserves all the appreciation in the world. Nothing but the best.
I'd do anything for him, though it is kinda hard, what with us living across the country.
But none-the-less, I decided to at least do this. If he wants it taken down, I will, but for now it's up.
This friend is Roxas.
Yeah. I adore him.

look this isn't art but oh my goodness look at that baby.
not only is he adorable he's a "mini" so like??? guys it's perfect i'm shook

so i didn't realize my canvas was too big to turn into an ig post like i wanted to until it was too late but i tried.
anyway hi my name is Hayden & if you think Xefros & Dammek are / will be better friends than Joey & Xefros you're wrong.
that is all goodbye. .
#Hiveswap #Homestuck #JoeyClaire #xefrostritoh #HomestuckArt #HiveswapArt #UnbrandedMarkers

OCs hell yea
I don't even have a clever caption these are just my OCs they're precious & if you hurt them I will end you.
They gotta book that I'm working on. ~trival information~
•Aria is the Tiny on Taz's shoulders. Theyre nonbinary, 12, and tiny. 4"6, to exact. They wears light up sketches, and also watched their dad die. They're half witch/ half elf, and because of that they kinda suck at magic. But they refuse to give up because they gotta save their younger sister's life. -
•Taz is the character carrying Ari. She's 79 in her race's years, whiiich is about 17 human years. She's 6"0, and will literally not wear shoes if her life depends on it. She's what's known as a "loyal" in her species, which is just a glorified demon. Her tattoos on her stomach grow as she ages, she hates them. Her tail & ears give away her emotions very easily. Also she's gay. -
•Kathryn is Floaty McFloaterson. Call her Kat though; she fought someone over the name Kathryn before she died. She died 3 years ago, and is now frozen at the age of 16. Gotta sneky-snek tattoo. She's had that ghost pin since before she died, just keeps it for irony. She's bi. How she died is unknown to ~all~ (but me. I know. I made her lmao) -
•Marie Elizabeth Ann Aeros ["Marie is fine" is Miss blonde. She's a 5"7 vampire. Also, idk how other people pronouce "Marie" but I pronounce it 'Mari'??? Idk. -
•Aaand Gabby. Gabby Fleisher. A normal human with a photographic memory who never forgets anything. 5"2 pan/ace, also bigender. I don't have any pictures of her from this universe yet, she's a re-worked Young Justice OC lmao. -
Aaaand yea those arrre my children.

Guess who made a nice meet the artist after 8 years of drawing, 4 years out of those 8 of doing it like I do now, and 2 years out of those 4 posting it online.
Took me long enough.
Anyway enjoy.
Also Instagram ruins the quality of everything I'm upset (tm)
Might be the way I come out to my older brother as trans if he checks my Snapchat story lmao, wish me luck

Uhhhh,,, maybe one day I'll shade this but for now I'm gonna post it like this because... It's my account I'll do what I want with it lol.
Anyway, this idea has been floating around in my head since... Halloween?
Just the idea of these four -- okay, Pj too but... I'm not that good at art, okay? -- just hanging out and talking, with Ethan all mermaid and aaaAAAA I'm rambling.
Anyway, I've been in love with Cathryn's (oh I do hope I spelled her name right...) Supernatural AU since I first started following her channel. Sooo I finally drew for it! Whoooop!
Hahaha I ramble too much, oops.

I made another one-

You know I had to

Also I drew this lil fuck bc I'm rewatching Nate's Pokemom fusion videos again & this needed to happen.
Iiiiiit's Dewcute

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