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Hayden (Max) Freeze  My art's mediocre in my face is Really Bad but I make good jokes sometimes, so you should follow me Using my page as a personal? Nah ♌ | INFP

Somehow, I find drawing more comforting/ easy/ fun when I'm in a car, it's bizzare
anyway lil witch girl done with just black & some sparkly pins bc it seemed fun

[Chanting] deer girl deer girl deer girl
ik only male deer usually have antlers but do i care? no.

Kite? Basic. Flying character? Basic
Flying character flying a Kite? GENIUS

Quick drawin done on my way to Alabama, if I don't post something tomorrow or Sunday It'll be bc service sucks ASS, but i'm gonna keep up this damn challenge if it kills me

Her face looks wack but I'm too tired to care enjoy

Does this count as an inktober? Probs not but enjoy anyway bc yesterday was world mental health day &
Dan Howell.

Me, a 2003 child, immediatly: Beastboy.

Today's prompt was hidden, which I already did (poorly) for the 3rd, before I switched prompts, so uhhh hav these guys from the 2nd again, cause they were fun to draw n i love them now.
Not colouring bc I didn't bring my colourful pens to school but I want to post anyway enjoy

It's Kyo Sohma,,, bc the prompt was cat,,,,,, and,,,,,,, look
Also, I'd decided I'm ONLY using ink, nothing else, and it's really giving me a chance to look at how everything reacts to each other
I.e. how AWFULLY my pilot varsity pen reacts to my uBrands,,,,,,
i'm upset. still love the pastel blue tho

I rly like drawing Marceline & seeing what I can do w her design & she's, y'know, the vampire queen,
so I did this enjoy

I drew hagrid ok we don't have to talk abt it anymore

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