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Jennifer Fabiano  Canadian mom of two beautiful boys, wanna-be photographer and radiation therapist during the week. Welcome to my busy, messy, crazy life!

Tried to make the most of our long weekend. It was cold, and wet, but we forced ourselves out of the house and saw a horse. The May 24 weekend sure isn't what it use to be (it's actually better). #familytime

My kids don't really eat cereal....so I guess this is for me...#canada150 #cakeforbreakfast

Well @ss_pooner, I'm still in denial you're leaving us. I will miss your smiling face, hilarious stories, and just knowing I'll have a good day at work because I'm working with you. I hope Ottawa realizes what a gem they're getting. Go kick some butt Spoons, and maybe meet a nice boy while you're at it! Love you!! ✌️👌♥️

His front tooth is barely hanging on and it's driving us all nuts (plus he looks so goofy). I told him if he could get it out tonight I'd get him a new power rangers sword - but it had to come out tonight. He wants it so bad. It's almost 10pm and he's still in bed wiggling it. It's going to be a long night. #motivation #ripitoutalready #ibribemykids

That cup is bigger than his head! We've been so excited to see this movie. Probably not super appropriate for a 6 year old but he loved it! Just hoping he doesn't repeat some of the new words he learned today 🤐

Such a great mother's day event with Lucas' class today!! I show up in scrubs but I'm so thankful I get the chance to show up. His teachers are amazing for organizing such a memorable afternoon. And damnit he got my age right this year, last year he thought I was in my 20s 🙊#mothersday2017

Wacky's. Once the kids saw the games they didn't want to sit and eat. 30 minutes of 'can I be done now' and I gave up on food. As we drove away would you believe they both whined they were hungry?! I told them they could have knuckle sandwiches 👊 #dinnerfail

Oh how I miss taking photos and having time to edit and be creative. But every now and then I get to do shoots for friends who understand my busy life and still trust me with their precious memories. And then they get prints like this that will hopefully hang on their walls for the next 30 years and bring smiles and happy memories as these cuties grow. Don't know how you manage four @mopaski!! Love your beautiful family!!

I try so hard to be a good mom...

My usual Sunday morning view. 26 lessons in and he's still stuck in Preschool B. I guess some people just aren't meant to swim. He does love to chat with the instructor though 🙄 #hesatrooper #doesntevenlikebaths

Look at the pretty presenter gifts we got at the COPE conference! I just read my entire presentation and I still got one!! We should take our act on the road @dubinskj 🤣 (travel mug by Be Natural Pottery @benaturalpottery , great choice Ang!).

My little BB8 was excited to get some comics today but not so excited about the others who dressed up and refused to take pictures with any of them. And I've just realized reading comic books to a toddler is actually really hard. Try it. I dare you. #freecomicbookday

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