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Fabian Gray  @stormmodels @twomanagement #shotoniphone 📲

the homes here 🙉

Should I dye my hair? I was thinking silver or blonde maybe 👀🤯 and the necklace is made from Moonstone 💎

🧞‍♂️ #shotoniphone

electric cycle around tokyo?? duhhhhhh hahaha, and its decaf.. anyone thats met me for longer than 10 mins knows i don’t need that extra energy lol - dis bike is the future for real 🚴🏽‍♂️ #shotoniphone

I’d seen this on the internet before i arrived in Japan, was top on my list to go see. The feeling is indescribable and the architecture.. well just damn jaw dropping. Another natural high 🧞‍♂️ #shotoniphone

this made me have spots for days, deffo do not recommend lol. thanks for tuning into my live i tried to answer as many questions as i could, even if they were already answered a gzillion times. if you have more questions.. ask below 🍣😊 -




Ciao 😅
yh im extra?😂🤒

one of my favourites so far.. i had to wait for someone that stays at the hotel to use their key on the elevator and then sneak into the staff elevator in the middle of the hotel, i soon arrived at the 40th floor and was speechless. It’s really been an amazing couple of weeks already. 🇯🇵 #shotoniphone


I heard once that in dire times when you need a sign, that’s when they appear ✨ #shotoniphone

Здравствуйте, видео 🇯🇵🤒 🎞 ILL GO LIVE TOMOZ 🤳🏼

So ya’ll can drive around as Mario and the gang for $50/¥5,000 渋谷区 #konnichiwabitches #swiperight #crankthevolume #shotoniphone

new creps and since we are on the subject, wheres the best place i can buy crèpes in japan 🇯🇵

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