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Fahima Abdul  Believer, Wife and Mother & FashionLover ❤️

Soulmate ❤️

This photo explains my expression that allah allowed me to be present this Ramadan alhamdulilah! Express gratitude to your lord ❤️

Mashaallah tabarakallah We just be fussing over her and she be like get off me please! Hey kid this is your life with us, you didn’t sign up for it but o’well 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️! Ramadan Mubarak from mines to yours ☺️☺️😘

May allah bless us with a beautiful beneficial Ramadan and may allah wipe clean all our sins and make us the people who’s graves are wide and spacious and full of light, and the people with high ranks in heaven! May we only receive glad tidings in the next life. Asking for forgiveness from everyone. please make intentions by my name to forgive me for my sins knowingly or unknowingly against you all! Ameen ya rab ❤️



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