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Faber-Castell Official  #fabercastell #Ambition Blue Lagoon & Pink Sunset ⬇️

Blue Lagoon and Pink Sunset – are synonymous expressions for a dream holiday under the palm trees, the sounds of the sea and a beach bar with a view of the setting sun. The new AMBITION OpArt writing instruments create a cheerful mood and a holiday feeling even far from the beach and the ocean. #fabercastell #ambition #opart

In ancient Rome Lead (II, IV) oxide was prepared by calcination of white lead. The transformation of white lead into the red lead was said to be discovered in a fire at the old Athens harbour of Piraeus, where barrels of white lead were burned at over 480° in a fire accident and the white powder turned red. #111yearsofcolours #polychromos #fabercastell

"Fashion begins on paper; and it persists on paper."
With this quotation one of the most creative minds described his appreciation for the fashion drawing: Karl Lagerfeld. This quote weighs heavily today, because it applies not only to the fashion drawing, but above all to the person behind it.
With deep regret we heard of his death today. Karl Lagerfeld was very close to Faber-Castell. Now, with a heavy heart, we must say goodbye to this creative man – knowing of his legacy, which will persist through time.
Karl Lagerfeld ( † 2019)

Writing a love letter is a special gesture that comes from the heart and touches the heart of the other person. So, how about this year's Valentine's Day with a self-written letter or an own created card, tailored to the very special one? You can find tips and assistance in our Handlettering Tutorial "Le Petit Prince” #fabercastell #bemyvalentine #valentinesday #happyvalentinesday

Did you know that the human eye can make out almost 60 different shades of grey from white to black? Wikipedia describes grey as "a colour darker than white and lighter than black, but without making a colourful impression" – we'd like to disagree. 😉 #111yearsofcolours #polychromos #fabercastell

As clear as the sky on a cold and sunny winter morning: the light blue Polychromos. In medieval times this fragile and slightly cool blue was created by mixing indigo, white lead and water. Isn't it beautiful?
#111yearsofcolours #fabercastell #polychromos

It's the first of a new month already and your bullet journal is not yet ready for February? Our free templates for weekly, mood tracker and birthday calendar get you ready for the new month in no time. Download - print - ready (link in bio) - check our to story for more inspiration #fabercastell #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #moodtracker #bulletjournaltemplate

In 1908, Count Alexander von Faber-Castell introduces the new colour pencils "Polychromos". His youngest son Roland, who is three years old at that time, will later take over the company. When Alexander traveled to the United States in 1909, the New-Yorker Staatszeitung bestowed the title "Pencil King" on him. #111yearsofcolours #polychromos #fabercastell

Our #PolyBall ballpoint pen has more talents than being used for writing only!
@dianasoriat has created a winter scenery with the polyball's soft and easy flowing ink. Have you ever drawn a piece of art with a #ballpoint pen? #fabercastell

Here comes the sun: Polychromos 111th anniversary edition. This edition is adorned with a spectacular sunrise 🌅 , the original design from 1908 - a symbol of the beginning of a new era. All four available case-sizes are limited editions - making them rare collectors’ items already. #111yearsofcolours #fabercastell #polychromos

In an era in which technology forms part of our daily routine writing by hand is far from dying out. Penmanship is attracting more and more devotees who are keen to extol its virtues. Let’s put pen to paper! #handwriting #fabercastell

Our textliner 1546 is available in six pastel colours – rosé, lilac, apricot, pale blue, turquoise and aquamarine – in compact sets of four or eight. See how Diana Meier-Soriat from “Sketchnotes by Diana” colours her bullet journal. #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #fabercastell #mybulletjournal

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