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Queens,women,lady's,chicks,Hoes,Bitches and tricks .. i agree we have to do a better job of taking care of our WOMEN!!!!
Preserving our queens for the insurance of our survivor . But i also understand that you have to earn your name, just because you have a vagina doesn't mean your a QUEEN, or a WOMAN
Nowadays the roles have reversed
You see thinking like a man
Has created these dead beat moms, it has created ladies lowering their standards, morals and tradition.
That tagged with the feminization of young black men
Has us lined up on a straight course of genocide.
I'm glad @laflare1017 got married and showed the world that it's possible and ok for a black man especially in hip hop to love a WOMAN .
I had a daughter and it made me realize the Little things that it takes to maintain happiness in women .. now please don't get me wrong or the wrong ideal I've done and do my dirt and fair share of misogynistic activities ... I'm trying but if it's one thing that my mother instilled in me was how to accept being loved and knowing how to love a WOMAN!!!!
Take a second to tell a woman she's beautiful today or compliment her on her mind, sense of fashion, how good she smells etc
Let's pay more attention to our women because their womb is the passage way to our future ...
Dope era theory


Dope era grown man!! @juicy_jsimp

The Brodie @mone5900 came and spent a Soft BAND with us today!!!!
One of every color
The streets fuck with this DOPE!!!!!!!
The era

New video dropping soon "Proud of me" ft @handcockjay @lashmoneyfrost
Dir. @itslouievalentino

Babe I'm convinced I'm in love you!!!
This shit forever!!!

FOD x Dope era
Trap phone booming!!!!!!
Dope era forever
U gotta pull up to cop da Dope
Don't forget it's @philthyrichfod

I want for my brothers what I want for myself!!!!!
dope era raised me
@twin_j4y did the art

The dope don't discriminate

Stand for something or fall for anything "Ride with us or collide with us"
It's just simple as that for me and my niggas ..
All family no friends
Dope era duties

#dopeeraspotted on the @beastmode
Family issues

We have to be more mindful of those we call friends, and be sound and aware of the jungle we dwell in. SECURITY OF SAFE AND SURROUNDINGS is a lesson one must value far beyond any earthly possession. Especially if you wish to keep your possessions. Perception is personal
So long as you have your rules and regulations in order who's to say what's right or wrong for you...
Just remember there is no right way to do the wrong thing!!!
Dope era perspective

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