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Rueben Rivera  @terrydayuumm 😘 Bagged '08 si sedan FA🖑RUBN Daily '09 si sedan Nv👑Us Southern West Coast Regional Lead #NvUSLA

One day, or day one. You decide.
You don't need a gym buddy, that's not a good enough excuse. Get on it! #GymJunkie #MyTransformation #gym #cutupfromthebuttup #iLoseThePansaAndYouHaveNoChansa 😂

Never ever lose sight of your goal. #cutupfromthebuttup

Daaaaaamn Gina lol this picture was taken Aug 2016 it's crazy what hard work and dedication brings. I've been dedicated to the gym for a little over a year now at least 5 days a week if not more. Little by little my milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard 😂 jk seriously though shit isn't done over night. I didn't see results for about 2 months and almost gave up and ate my feelings away. But I stuck through it. Don't like going to the gym? Think of it as work I hate waking up for work but I do it. Gym doesn't pay the bills? You won't enjoy the money underground wishing you would've treated your body a bit better. Just saying #CutUpFromTheButtUp #TheGuyOnTheLeftAteTheGuyOnTheRight

I'm finally home! So glad I was there to witness Mexico take the win today! I had so much fun with all 37 of my cousins! #VivaMexico #Ayayayayayaya #Rrrrrrakikikikiki #Ajajajajajajaja

Going down tonight! Don't forget! Wash them whips! RESPECT THE SPOT!

Worked on back last night, and it felt amazing. I can't wait to finally be where I want to by physically. #fitness #backday #cutupfromthebuttup

I used to be embarrassed to walk in to the gym. I was way over weight and I felt all eyes were on me saying why is this guy even here. But now I walk in and eyes are on me for different reasons. Don't let anybody tell you, you can't, because you can! Do what I do, walk in the gym, throw your head phones on and zone everybody out. #gymrat #workout #motivation #CutUpFromTheButtUp

Tonight! Don't miss out! 360 will be there supporting as well! Let's have a great sunday night! See you all there! #nvus #nvuslosangeles #thisisnvus #nvuslamonthlymeet

There's a walk of shame, then there's a walk of pain. Which one are you taking? #Gymrat

Change your mind, and your body will follow. #StayMotivated I'm motivated to motivate others. Who put in work this sunday?

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