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Kirk Eichenberg  ▪️USMC 0311 veteran ▪️BS Molecular Cellular Biology ▪️Omega Delta Sigma IL-A ▪️Engaged ▪️#Iam1stPhorm▪️OFP


Never thought I would see the day that I am excited about learning accounting. If there is one thing I do know is that education is power. Not just college education, but what you learn outside of that. Read, apply, fail, learn and repeat. #knowledge #starbucks #espresso #espresso #americano #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #OFP

#tbt to 4th of July of this year. 4th of July is also my favorite holiday because AMERICA 🦅🇺🇸 and it marks the day that I asked my fiancé out 8 years ago. She is strong, courageous, kind, down to earth, beautiful, sexy AF!, smart and my rock. My mind races a lot and I'm always thinking about the future and my next steps and it gets very overwhelming for me. Almost to the point to where I feel like I'm shutting down. She brings me back to life by helping me focus on here and now and taking one step at a time. She reminds me of what I have to do and most importantly that she is here for me. She is my rock, my world and my queen. #futureMrsEichenberg #myqueen #myrock #bonnieandclyde #America

Close grip 315 x 1, 340 x 1 *
I felt amazing in the gym today, I felt focused, amped, energized, just feeling amazing and that scared me. Days when I am feeling amazing in the gym I need to remind myself to be smart on my lifts and my programming. I constantly need to remind my self of the game plan. Even when I'm making personal records and I just wanna keep moving up the weight. At that time I take a step back and have to refocus back on the game plan. To many people will go into the gym with a plan and as soon as a buddy talks shit they scrap their plan, or they feel amazing and just start over working. Don't let your ego go to your head. Train smart, train with a purpose and leave your bullshit ego at the door. #haveaplan #staythecourse #fuckyourego #work #iam1stphorm #duespaid #maxeffortupper #closegrip

One way to speed up your recovery is doing GPP (General Physical Preparedness), which is pushing, pulling, and walking with a sled. Now there is many different forms of GPP and I will only be talking about post work out GPP. After my max effort and dynamic effort lower body days I will add in sled walks forward and backwards to increase recovery time. *
forward walk with the sled: focus on keeping your abs tight, back straight and walking heel to toe. Making sure you are pulling with your hamstrings. *
Backward walk with the sled: same thing keep abs tight, back straight and walk toe to heel. Making sure you are pushing off with your quads. *
If you have any questions about GPP and what might be best after your work out or why GPP helps with recovery please message me! #TeachingTuesday

Nowzad, Afghanistan. Lima company 2nd platoon, 2nd squad Outlaws ⚔️☠️ 2008-2009.
#tbt #outlaws #brothers #Marines #grunts #sawgunner #thousandroundstotheface #nowzad #semperfi #iam1stphorm

This is the F this work out and give me some ice cream face. Today was not my day of training, but you are going to have those days. You need to learn to keep pushing, to keep grinding and to keep giving effort even when you have a bad day. I truly believe the people that can keep pushing and keep grinding on their bad days are the ones who become successful. The ones that make excuses for their bad days will never go anywhere. Today's work out could have been a bad day if I would have let it get to me. But, F that shit, I am in control and I turned the volume up in my fucking headphones, grabbed more weight, rested less between sets and had an awesome work out. I ended up doing 295 lbs for 6 on bench press, which I was really happy about cause I gave it everything I had. You are in control of what makes a good day and a bad day, it's all on you though to decide. #iam1stphorm

Great food, great drinks and great company!! #iam1stphorm #goodnights #italianfood #friends #wine #lotsofwine

A little behind the scene pic of tonight's interview with @robbcortez. #iam1stphorm

@1stphorm MegaWatt V2 + Avengers cut off x America socks = 515 lbs deadlift (20 lb. PR)
I often just deadlift in socks, because I like to feel secure to the ground. When I wear shoes I can feel my feet move on the inside, which makes me feel unstable. When you are deadlifting you want stability and having your feet move in your shoes takes away that stability. If you are pulling in a shoe with a lot of cushion like a running shoe try a pair of converse, Nike metcons, reebok nanos or any pair of shoe that is flat and has no cushion. If you have any questions on shoes or technique let me know! It's Monday! Have a good training day! #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #1stphorm #nerd #marvel #deadlift #maxeffortlower #powerlifting #tattoos band: Parkway Drive, song: crushed.

The people who you let in your circle of trust says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. I'm fortunate enough to have brothers in my life that I trust. I call my close friend brothers because to me they are blood. We each chose to have each other in our lives, because I know that I can count on them to pick me up when I am weak, to push me when I have doubt, to have my back when I am strong and they know I will do the same. Have a strong circle and you will succeed. #iam1stphorm #phamily #brothers #loyalty #trust #Marines #college #childhood #OFP

Decided to celebrate Americas 🇺🇸Birthday with some Front squats. Worked up to 345 lbs x 1. Now time to go eat some good food and drink some beer 🍻🇺🇸 #America #duespaid @1stphorm #iam1stphorm #powerlifting #1stphorm #neversettle

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