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Fatima Juma  #ajourneyOfsurvival Such Madness searching for forever, in something so temporary! ✌ Keep going... ❤

Life lessons... love it... stay true to YOU!

I've learnt from my 34years that life on earth is so temporary.
I've learnt endurance. I've learnt to observe situations around me, apreciate what I have or let go of that which is not the best for me.

I'm beginning to understand more and more.. that the reliance on ur creator is so crucial in every situation.. death.. separation from ur family.. The fairytale of 'happily ever after' is just that.. a fairytale that we so enthusiastically read to our children when they young.
I trully believe that the very first lesson to teach our darling children is the following. Be so strong in your faith. Be so fierce in your religion. Stand firmly with what you think is best for you. Emotions will always be up and down, simply because when Allah created us, he created us with the sole purpose of his worship.
Untill that is not established.. we will always be searching.. Untill we meet Allah again.


I'm alive.. Maher zain.
Thank you Zee.. I love it.. @z_e_e_n_y

Kicking the week off with some awesome Specials.
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Regima Peel and heal R300.

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Yes. You were. You are & always will be.
I forever love you my baby girl.

In so many ways... #AllahuAlam

Dearest Clientele. Whilst all our treatments are done at the Salon in overport.. for the convenience of ladies that are in and around the beachfront area. LASER AND FACE THREADING will be done from my home aswell. To book for appointments... u can send me a whatsapp.. Please do note. Only laser laser and threading facilities are available to do from home. (NORTH BEACH) ❤❤

Ameen ❤

The above is true. Don't question Allah's decree and ultimate decisions.

But there are but a few moments every now and again that you sit in the corner of your room, looking out your window, reminiscing about your yesteryears.. and thinking.. Really ya Rabb? Really? I'm not made of steel ya rabb.. I'm just a human.. a human YOU created. So have mercy on me ya Allah.. and forgive me my lord. For I can take no longer...

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