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Ezypro  Innovation and convenience We make healthy living ezy #justaddwater💙 See how at www.ezypro.net🌏


Going somewhere tropical?🌴
Holidays can be a time to relax or even explore new fun workouts.
Don't forget to finish with a Power shake.
Convenient & ezy to bring in your trolley.
Just add water and it's ready to enjoy💙
Get your shakes at www.ezypro.net🌏

Wanna try something ezy and delicious?
How about our popular Power Porridge!
Vegan, gluten-free and sweetened with natural stevia. A tasty meal to go on busy mornings, quick lunch at work or whenever you feel like a treat💙

Just add water and it's ready to enjoy💙
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It's all about being prepared, so prep is key! Luckily we made it easier for you. Always keep your Moringa shake in your bag, that way you'll always stay on track💙

Get your shake today at www.ezypro.net🌏

Let's make it Ezy.. JUST ADD WATER!
Perfect shake for pre- post workout or a treat when you feel the cravings through the day💙
Start today at www.ezypro.net🌏

Late breakfast or quick lunch?
Either way Power Porridge is the perfect ((vegan)) meal on a busy day.
Organic oat bran, chiaseeds and premium rice protein sweetened with natural stevia. Simple and delicious!
Enjoy and great weekend everyone💙

See more at www.ezypro.net🌏

Create healthy habits, not restrictions 💙
Power Blend has a sweet flavor and delicious scent of vanilla that goes with all bowls! You'll get great nutrition, good carbs, healthy fats and high quality protein.
Bye sirup👋
Like to try?
See more at www.ezypro.net 🌏#justaddwater#ezypro#healthyliving

Have fun with the kids and still get your workout done!
Start your day with a quick cardio to boost your metabolism and get some quality time 💙
Tag us and let's inspire others!
How does your favorite workout look like? Thanks to @camillamalmberg for this great video🙏🏼 Don't forget your Power shake after workout. Good for you and great for them 💙

How to stay in shape on holidays?
Go for a Power walk near the water💙
Power walk burns more fat than jogging ✔️limits sickness✔️boost endorphins✔️ Finish of with a Power shake to improve your workout 💙
See more at www.ezypro.net🌏

Sa•ti•ety = a feeling or condition of being full after eating good! 💙
Oat bran does not only help manage your appetite, but they also contain B vitamins, such as Iron and Magnesium. Chia seeds contains healthy fats, and are high in antioxidants.
Sound good right?
Check out our Power Blend at www.ezypro.com🌏#justaddwater#ezypro#heathyliving

💙Is it to late to have a shake?? Beside all the the great benefits from protein after workout, studies actually shows drinking a shake before bed also contributes to ➡️ 🌟 Burning fat 🌟Speeds recovery 🌟Boost energy 🌟Make waking up easier

So just add water, shake it up, and enjoy a late night treat😋💙 #justaddwater#ezypro#healthyliving

Hi there 👋 Looking all green and delicious. You can call this creation whatever you want, but for us it's a DESSERT BOWL !🍌🥑🥒 Try add 2 scoops of Power Blend in your bowl, you'll get protein, healthy fats and feel full for longer 🤗 What's your favorite bowl? 📸 @lineboilesen

Did you know?🤔 Protein supplement in general supports weight loss by speeding up metabolism and decreasing food intake!
So let's shake up, and speed up💙🙌
Get your shakes today at www.ezypro.net🌏 #justaddwater#ezypro#healthyliving #convenience #innovation

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