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Mikel Becerro  Enamorado del mar, del taiji y de mi familia. De la tierra donde nací y de la tierra que me da vida. Espero que mis fotos reflejen mis sentimientos.


The king must die so that the country can live - Maximilien Robespierre

Perhaps in the near future we can live in a free country and not in a kingdom, so we can move on from the dark ages of mediaval times and look to the future with hope and renewed illusion. My entry to #momentsmercè

#tapforamessage and see a quote by Lailah Gifty Akita. Do you know where you're heading?

Yes, Friedrich Nietzsche was so right and this shot is here to prove it :) #tapforamessage to read the quote and see whether or not you agree

This reflection of a sailboat in Corralejo harbor offers a great opportunity to think about the reality of out abstractions. #tapforamessage to learn a nice quote by Josef Albers on this matter

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Life as is. No filter, no edit. #tapforamessage to read a quote by Michel de Montaigne

A quote from Marilyn Monroe to my SO, because she's a real star in absolutely every aspect of her life AMZ :) :) :)

Most kids like kites. It may be the magic, admiration, or the self steem rush of being able to control the kite against the wind up in the sky. Tap to read the quote by John Petit-Senne and think of the profound metaphor of its meaning, as it can be applied to a myriad of situations in our lifes.
But at this pojnt in time, the quote goes to little Diego and his parents @instafraner and @pilucuina. Because they need all the support they can get from everyone of us to help them defeat "a nasty dragon". Visit @instafraner gallery to learn on the details of the persistent and undesirable cancer that 3-yr old Diego is facing again. All the best and hope you defeat that nasty dragon soon.

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How lovely are the portals of the night, when stars come out to watch the daylight die - Thomas Cole

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Quote by Kinky Friedman

This is a nice and fun idea by @wlad, who came up with the beautiful tag #tapforamessage. I'm glad to contribute to this great initiative and hope it gets your attention and support.

You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories - Garrison Keillor