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EZCookOven  Hello! My In ign is EZCookOven! Subscribe to ezcookoven gt

I'm honestly blown away... 66 surgery and this

Hit lvl 104 today😎 (Thanks boredrichguy for letting me harvest farms😎)

Thanks @ivanovovo for the new epic profile picture😎 nice new art style!

Ahhhhhh more level. Laziness>leveling up

Found new hoodie recipe with @tk69.gt today! Awesome day 1 of paw and nice working with you tk!

Just a friendly reminder don't forget to enable AAP (Advanced Account Protection) you can find it in the menu! If you are using a old email you should contact support so they can correct the situation it's alot better doing it now then when your account is being hacked, stay safe! Repost this message to keep your friends safe!

Check out my new YouTube video! Channel: EZCookOven Gt!

Middlemen worlds have recently been fighting over this trust issue, be skeptical always and try to not use a middleman at all I'm not going to point any fingers but stay safe😎

Just got #3 in daily challenge congrats @parkourists_gt for 1st good game everyone!

Finally earned OCD thanks @boredsimon for the help and boredrichguy couldn't find your ig. Here's the rest of the epic quests (1 more legend left)

Just got legendary drag! Today 1 more legend for the epic quest! I know this is very late but here's a photo of me getting lwings because I never posted it😁 ty @phoenixrz.gt @zodzod_gt @zeh_gt @instant.coffeecup and all my other friends for the help and support! And @keenan_gt for the middleman

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