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3️⃣✉️'s  ALL ABOUT ME💽 #AAM out now on iTunes. (#AllAboutYOU, coming soon) #WhyHate


Happy birthday Almaze(mama)!! I know I don't say this enough, but I love you so much...I can't imagine this world without you, I am thankful to have a mother such as yourself, a real rider pops fell for righteously... May God bless us with more life and happiness, love you infinite.

From your youngest, Biti

#tbt Promise- eYo ft. @leahwrites
I'm back on my #You shit...Trillogy continues

Pops being @revwon... #Amen

Since 06...🤘🏾

Chris Breezy with the dance moves, Mo-G with the dance moves, Jimi Hendrix with the solo, those the strings that you can't pull! #HBD #ChiefJr. @ermiase01 #Firstcousinshit

First, I wanna give a shoutout to my dog for life, @lamarware, on proposing to his now fiancé, @nessalow26! I love the both of you to death, y'all stuck by each other through the toughest times and still going stronger than ever. Y'all never changed on me and always treated me like family. Happy birthday bro and congrats on the proposal, this day is well deserving for you...#V's

Me : Heard you next?
@ermiase01 : 😐😑

Remember, don't you ever get it fucked up...bond stronger than some ⛓⛓ @luvjonz001 @prufrockmav @jayabeye @buhando @ermiase01 @mgirma1 @captloferitrea @dannyboyla323 @mekoyohannes @nahumda_don @zemmenator, yom, dawit
S/O @mryeah__ in the red shirt peepin' thru the window in the back...😭🤣🤘🏾 🎥: @joeleyoel

Congrats to the newlyweds, @missdeeezy @luvjonz001...may God bless your union and commitment to each other. You both set such a great example of faith and true love in one another. A Fairytale that became true and now is #HappilyeverAsfaw2017

Happy bday bro bro... Next week I'm fuckin' it up on the dance floor! Lol

Day 6: The Finale
Personally wanna thank everybody who came out for my brother's bachelor party week and made it something he'll always remember. This is one for the books, love life... #TheMostEpicBachelorPartyEver
@luvjonz001 @mekoyohannes @captloferitrea @danielfesseha @jayabeye @mgirma1 @buhando @prufrockmav @ermiase01 @nahumda_don @dannyboyla323 @known_as_nova, Dawit, Sean, Sunny

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