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Adonis Shropshire  3x Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/Producer/DJ🔹Please follow my other page @banemuzik

From paying your own money to put on your shows in the early days, to co-producing records with Jermaine Dupri, to winning a Grammy as an independent artist. This is what perseverance looks like. You stayed the course and never caved in when life would have been much easier if you had. You are by far one of the most talented humans To ever walk this earth. I am proud to call you my friend and my family. Congrats brother!! I love you. Enjoy!! @pjmorton #whenGodsaysyesnobodycansayno #mybrotherwonagrammy #mypricejustwentup 😂😂

If the Mount Rushmore of basketball is Jordan, Magic, Kareem And Bird...then in contemporary R&B any conversation that doesn’t start with Kellz, Bobby, Usher, Chris is not one I want to be a part of. Secondly if new generation is Lebron, Kobe, KD then new generation is Tank, Eric Bellinger, Tyrese. Tyrese and Usher have sustained excellence through both generations. Lest we not forget Ginuwine. And fun fact, Eric and I have written songs(hits) for the entire list. I know nobody asked me but I decided to raise my hand in class to try and shed some unbiased prospective. @therealtank @ericbellinger @usher @tyrese @ginuwine @chrisbrownofficial

Lord please help her family understand that those single pair of footprints in the sand don’t mean that you’ve left them right now.
#injesusname 🙏🏾

This is a TBT picture but it’s one of my favorites. Look at her Lil personality. I’m so blessed God gave you to me. Please don’t grow up too fast. Promise? 😢 Thank you @cyns8tional1 for bringing this gift to me! #nationaldaughterday #sheactjustlikeme #shelooklikehermomma

When your friends @edawkins @ikenice & @warryncampbell help you end your morning workout.
#lasttime #menofstandard #ineededthistoday #thankyou

One of my closest friends in the world @bigshiz has a prince @jettyoungturnup that is already creating his own path. I’m listening to this mixtape right now trippin out. Bless yourself and listen to this thang! Congrats king! You got it honest. It’s in your DNA. So proud of you Jett. Love, Uncle Adonis.

There are very few things that make me proud in this world. Hearing my daughter sing, watching my son play sports, looking at the mother my sister has become so quickly, things like that. If there’s anything else that fits into that category it would be seeing the support and love from you guys whenever I release music with my best friend @kristiniadeb. There’s always gonna be uphill battles and challenges. Life is 90% what happens to you and 10% how you respond to it. But as long as we keep God first and allow him to guide our moves, I think we’ll be just fine. #superstar #realmusic #pop #cantnobodyholdmedown #winning

Without you there would be no me. Without you as my first teacher, life would have been much harder to understand and navigate. You gave me all that life has to offer. When I wanted something that you didn’t have, you went and got it with your very last just so I could have what other kids with two parents had. Me and @shimmertees love you more than words can ever say. We thank God that we got you as his gift to us. I’ve said this before and it remains true...Every day is Mother’s Day, today is just the day It’s ok to brag on you! I love you mama. Happy Mother’s Day! #happymothersday #mommyanddaddy #therealmvp

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