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Eyes (and other stories)  Mostly portraits. Raw people from all over 📸 📇 Storyteller -capturing looks, sharing stories- #microtales

I made a home out of you. You always felt so safe and cozy, bulletproof enough to keep me from my own fears. No thunder could chase me and no tears would embrace me. Not a single stone would break my soul as long as I felt your touch deep in my bones. So I made a home out of you. From your skin I built the walls and in your lips I found my mirrors. Your laughter kept me from the noise and from your eyes I got the windows. And like this old song says, 'there's no place like home, they say'. You're my home so I guess I'll stay.

I could melt between your hands and get lost inside those watery eyes of yours. Your looks of pure fondness fall on my skin like drops of a magic blue ocean. I could just faint out of emotion after every word you say and get caught up in this fake feeling of invincibility. There's not an inch in your whole body I haven't dreamt of since your 'hello' and there's not a note in the way you laugh I haven't tried to find in songs. I could say so many things but still they wouldn't be enough. Or I could just say how much I miss you: I miss you in the most quite simple desperate human way.

I don't know if your previous love was a breathtaking battle or if it was an easy walk through a flat valley. I don't know if you've cried till the dryness or if you've been an unmerciful heartbreaker. I don't want to know how many dates have you taken to the same places as me and I don't need to know how much effort did you put for them to work. I don't want you to understand what are my intentions, my thoughts or my feelings; I'll let you know if somewhere in the way it gets too dizzy. I just want you to believe it's gonna be worth it. So let me take the lead and drive you somewhere we can trust. Somewhere your previous ghosts won't haunt us; somewhere my previous tears won't chase us.

Play me like a guitar. Whisper in my ear those songs we once were singing in the car. Take off your clothes and with them every single worry you've ever had. Let this Mi be our starting point and do never step aside. I know you wear your shyness as a heavy unbreakable chain, so let me cut your shackles with a kiss under the rain.

You can try to hide between the shadows and pretend that you are harder than those rocks. But just for once, overthrow yourself in front of someone like a waterfall and tear down those walls you've put around your soul. Don't be afraid to love without limits, without regrets, without stops or hesitation. It can be scary to put your heart in other's hands but trust me, sometimes it's worth every tear poured down for it. Take the risk, 'cause everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Walls of painted feelings and heavy colors in the heart of Rio waiting to be seen. Stunning eyes from all over watching us open our mouths in an excentric way of being stunned. No words other than awesome gratitude to be here with you today.

Find me someone to help me chase the clouds away. Someone brave enough to cry and not hide it, to meddle inside my soul without prejudices and to be able to handle whatever there's to find.
Just find me someone to help me catch all the fireflies and play with their light 'till the sunrise. Someone to sing to without pouring a tear, or any fears or even any sip of beer. Find me some crazy soul stupid enough to love me foolishly and I'll do my best to chase those clouds without regrets.

Yesterday was a day to remember. As every year, Saint George's day comes to put an end to the winter. The 23rd of April, a rose and never enough books. A day for love and culture. Raw, pure and life-lasting love. Or maybe acid, short and obsessive love; but still love all over. Spring spirit spread through the whole Catalonia and true enough to be felt world wide. The best day of the year pictured in a freckled face with the sweetest smile. #santjordi2017

Sing to me like there's no tomorrow. Sink me into your words as if there's nothing else to say. Fill me up with all your lullabies and let the chords of this song to overwhelm all my senses. I still can feel the honesty of your soul piercing my beliefs, so let me sing along to reach somewhere we can exist.

Ten thousand miles apart and still felt so close to you just by looking at the ocean. No way to touch your skin and only sand between my fingers, but still strong feelings crushing deeply inside this messy mind of mine. Salty hair and one last cigarrette wishing the smoke to come nearby. One last drag just to say 'I miss you' from ten thousand miles apart.

Catching as much of it as she could with her pictures and trying hard to breathe deeply to take with her enough air to stay wild. Freely losing her mind through her laughing and widely absorbing the world with her eyes. Young skin wearing down in indian landscapes and shiny hair losing its way waving around.

Jumping was never an option. It was just the adrenaline what kept us there, what made us stay up on a tree looking what was below our feet. The feeling of the wind beneath our skin and the tempting desire to leave flying free. Taking risks as soon as age six just to make ourselves worth the heartbeats.

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