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Spino Isa Dino  I'm a boy trapped in a dinosaurs body stuck on earth instead of space. Adventures of a Siftasauras!! Prop 215/SB420 compliant

Citral Glue by @ethosgenetics

The Wook Bomb Series - CBD Bath Bombs! Step up your Bath Game. And get ready for our New Special Bath Bombs filled with either tumbled minerals, handmade glass marble or pendant on the inside!! Bath time just got a lot more Fun! Our first round of Wook Bombs feature glass work by @miblife !! Give him a follow and check out his amazing work and get Bathing to find yours!! #CBD #BathBombs #WookBombs

Happy new babies!

Where my Blazer crew at! Saw the new red one and had to swoop it. #BlazerTorch #BlazerCrew #IsItHotEnough #tiRED

Solventless THCa Diamonds by @jonny.proper

Motorbreath & Grease Monkey
Hash Rosin Saturday

Crispy Pork Belly Rice bowl with the Fried Egg ! @buddhabelly.la keeping the Buddha Belly going.

Fresh Squished MotorBreath into UV Jars for the final Cure. Handwashed by @mr.townbizz and @that510kid Cultivated in Organic Living Soil and bred by @cultclassicsseed #DinoSquish #SlowandLow #QualityoverQuantity #HashRosin #MotorBreath #CultClassicSeeds #ExoticTerpeneEnthusiast

Slow & Low Dino Squish on this 90u mystery strain. Full of citrus terps and she's a gusher. Cultivated in Organic Living Soil The Oh Golly Way and hand washed by @mr.townbizz and @that510kid. #DinoSquish #Mystery17 #Organic #LivingSoil #Handwashed #HandSquished #SlowandLow #TheOhGollyWay #ExoticTerpeneEnthusiast

Mix of Apple wood and Cherry wood for today's smoke.

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