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  Loving life in Tokyo ☆ These are all the little reasons why ;)

Purifying bath from an underground spring at Tirta Empul Temple, Bali. Indonesia is a Muslim country but Bali is Hindu majority. Reminded me of the Banganga in Mumbai.

Crabs scuttle around Bali at low tide

Baby crabs scurry around Seminyak Beach in Bali.

Reflecting in Bali!! How funny is my husband's head's reflection!?

この間あじさいに雨ザラザラした。でももう夏になったね〜recently it rained on the hydrangea. Today is so hot though feels like rainy season is over and summer is here!

Statues at Daishoin, Miyajima.

Light dancing on water under a bridge, Shiba Tokyo


Find someone that looks at you the way this Buddha does lol

The Atomic Bomb Dome glows in the sunset. The closer you get, the more damage you can see though....夕焼け中原爆ドームがちょっと光ってる。近くに成ったら破損した壁を見えるけど…

Hi~~~~! 宮島の大聖院の入り口にかわいい石像を見つけた!Cute little statue welcomes us into Daishoin Temple, Hiroshima

ちぎりパンに見えない? My friend's baby's arms look like a pull apart bread loaf that is very popular in Japan